Why Your Business Needs a Professional Dumpster Service

Why Your Business Needs a Professional Dumpster Service

Did you know that waste collection in the US is a $58 billion industry? It’s a business expense every owner needs to take seriously. Plus, there are local laws and environmental concerns to think about. 

If you work in the construction or events industries, using a dumpster service can make a huge difference. Take the worry of commercial waste disposal and hand it over to the experts. No matter what you need to dispose of, there’s a dumpster solution that’s right for you.

Join us as we take a deep dive into what a professional dumpster service can do for your business.

Improve Safety

In spite of steady improvements in worker safety over the decades, 13 US workers still die at work every day. The construction industry is one of the most dangerous places to work. 

Keeping your job site clear of garbage and debris is vital for safety. Garbage can create a hazard in itself and mask other hazards when it accumulates. When you use a dumpster rental service, you have a centralized point for dumping trash. 

This can reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls. You’ll see fewer sick days, greater productivity, and a happier workforce.

Efficient Solution

Having a centralized place to dump trash also improves efficiency. Your workers don’t have to constantly figure out what to do with the garbage they’re generating. You’ll avoid several dumping spots emerging all over your job site.

When the dumpster is almost full, simply call the company and they’ll whisk it away for you. If you need another, they’ll quickly empty and return the dumpster for you. 

Aim to order a larger size than you think you’ll need. Jobs are constantly surprising and the dumpster companies stick to one rule: nothing can stick up above the top edges.

This is a safety thing and if the load exceeds this amount, they’ll have to charge you extra. 

Remove (Almost) All Types of Trash

You can put most types of commercial waste into a dumpster, but it’s a good idea to check with the dumpster service first. Hazardous waste is controlled by the State of Michigan. Talk to the commercial waste company if you have any special requirements for your project. 

Make sure that you review the list of prohibited items with your construction crew before starting a project. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Asbestos
  • Chemical products
  • Paint
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Household cleaners

There are specialist dumpsters for different areas of the construction industry. For example, roofing contractors can hire roofing dumpsters. You can use them to dispose of all the shingles and sheathing from roofing projects. There’s a wide range of sizes available, so they can accommodate the biggest roofing project.

Having a dumpster on site simplifies clean-up and allows you to get on with installing the new roof. Empty and return services also keep downtime to a minimum. 

You can also hire a commercial dumpster for the removal of dirt, concrete, and bricks. As long as there are no contaminants involved, they’ll haul it all away. 

Environmentally Friendly

Your business probably has a truck or two and it is possible to keep running back and forth to the garbage dump. But that’s incredibly time-consuming and uses a lot of gas. Lots of gas means a lot of expense these days, not to mention a serious carbon footprint. 

You can make a big dent in your CO2 emissions by using a dumpster service. The company only needs to use one truck to deliver and collect your waste. 

You may worry about dumpster turnaround time impacting your work schedule. The best commercial dumpster services understand the demands of your business. They provide empty and return services, which result in minimal downtime for your business.

Meet LEED Requirements

Many businesses are interested in projecting an eco-friendly image. LEED-certified buildings are a great way to do that. If your business property is undergoing a major reno, you have a chance to earn LEED points partly from how you handle construction waste.

When you work with a commercial waste company, they can provide you with customized LEED documentation. For example, some projects commit to recycling 50% of their waste. Choose a company that can detail your project’s activity and diversion through regular reporting. 

Manage Event Waste

If you run an events company, you know that the amount of waste events can generate is staggering. Having enough trash carts or cans at the event is essential to ensure everyone has a good time. No one wants to spend their evening searching for somewhere to dispose of their paper plate.

Commercial dumpster rental services offer a wide range of solutions. You can hire trash carts which are ideal for small events. Self-dumping hoppers provide a 1.5-2 yard capacity for bigger events. All you have to do is fill it and call the dumpster service to take it away.

Legal Compliance

Local laws around waste disposal can get a little complicated. For a commercial dumpster rental service, this is their life. They know how to dispose of trash in accordance with waste management laws.

They’ll advise you on the things you can and can’t put in the dumpster, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Find the Right Dumpster Service for You

A dumpster service is a great way to safely dispose of all kinds of commerical waste.

Commercial waste companies provide an efficient service. They can return quickly, minimizing your downtime. You can keep your workers safe and productive by having a centralized point for dumping waste.

A Plummers Disposal Service, we have the answer to all your dumpster needs. From trash carts to 40-yard boxes, we’ve got you covered.

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Reasons You Need a Toilet Trailer for Your Event

Reasons You Need a Toilet Trailer for Your Event

As the pandemic enters a new phase, the CDC has issued guidelines for small and large gatherings. One of the key considerations for large gatherings is being able to wash your hands often. If you’re hosting a large event this summer, you want all your guests to feel safe and secure. A great way to do this is by providing a toilet trailer. Forget standalone portapotties, a toilet trailer is a little sanctuary to escape to, a place to recharge and sanitize.

Take a closer look at why a toilet trailer is a must-have addition to your summer event.

Provide a Better Experience for Guests

A summer event should be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, not an exercise in bladder control.

You want your guests to be able to use the restroom whenever they need to, without having to endure long lines and gross facilities. A regular outdoor toilet for an event can quickly become an unpleasant environment. Toilet trailers are totally different.

Luxury toilet trailers for events have all the great features you’d expect in a luxury restroom. This includes:

  • Large mirrors
  • Soap and paper towel
  • Flushing toilets
  • Sinks
  • Outdoor lighting for nighttime events
  • Occupied/Unoccupied lights

They also provide separate facilities for men and women. You’ll forget that you’re in a trailer and feel like you’re at your best friend’s house. They provide the perfect place to get ready for an event, even if you’re miles from civilization!

Are you confused about how many restrooms you should provide? Think about the comfort of your guests first. If people are going to be drinking alcohol, it’s wise to bump up the numbers.

When renting event bathrooms, aim for one toilet for every 50 guests. If this is too costly, you can go higher. But the more you provide, the more comfortable the experience for everyone.

Well Ventilated

Portapotties don’t have the greatest reputation when it comes to the way they smell. But toilet trailers are a different story.

They are well ventilated and with regular cleaning, there’s no chance for unpleasant aromas to hang around. They provide a truly luxurious, home-like setting in which to powder your nose and freshen up.

Comply with Local Regulations

There’s a great appeal to getting married or holding an event in the great outdoors in Michigan. But before you can set things up, there are permits to apply for. Many cities and jurisdictions set a minimum number of restrooms that you must provide for guests.

For example, if you plan to hold your wedding in a park in Grand Rapids, you’ll need to apply for a Special Event Permit. This permit requires you to provide details about the number of toilet trailers you’ll provide and where you will site them.

They may also have regulations about how often they should be cleaned and whether service personnel needs to be on hand at all times. Make sure that you work through these regulations. This will ensure you’re fully legal and provide the most comfortable experience for attendees.


You want to protect your guests on several levels.

First, by providing adequate handwashing facilities, you help to protect them against COVID-19. You may want to consider hiring additional handwashing facilities.

With the threat of COVID still present, it’s wise to consider enhanced cleaning protocols. This could include hiring dedicated personnel to keep facilities clean throughout the event. This will also make the experience of using toilet trailers much more comfortable for your guests.

Outdoor lighting also makes toilet trailers for events much safer to use. Many guests may feel uncomfortable after dark accessing facilities that are not well lit. They can be downright creepy and no one wants that feeling when going to the bathroom.

By choosing a toilet trailer rental that features outdoor lighting, you’ll help your guests feel safe and secure.

A Place to Get Ready

A wedding in the park is super romantic. But without a toilet trailer, the bride and groom won’t have anywhere to put those final finishing touches to their appearance.

Toilet trailers are so much more than portapotties. They include excellent lighting and large mirrors. Your guests will appreciate having somewhere to check their hair and attire before proceeding to the event.

Toilet trailers are also large enough for someone to go in with the bride to help her with any last-minute adjustments.

Open Up Venue Options

Without toilet trailers, you might find that venue options for your event are limited. But toilet trailer rental opens up a whole world of possibilities!

You can explore stunning outdoor locations you’d only dreamed of before. There are toilet trailer options available for many different types of locations.

Hire a Toilet Trailer From Plummers Disposal

If you’re planning an event in the Grand Rapids, Byron Center, or Grandville area, you need a luxury toilet trailer. It’s the best way to show your guests that you care about them and want them to have a comfortable experience. When there are great restrooms, your guests can fully focus on enjoying the event without stressing about where to take a comfort break.

At Plummers Disposal Services, we allow you to enjoy the great outdoors in Michigan in comfort and style. Our range of toilet trailers is perfect for backyard weddings, charity fundraisers, and festivals. We have a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from so you’re sure to find your perfect fit.

Call us for a free estimate at 616.261.4344 or contact us online.

How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need on a Construction Site?

How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need on a Construction Site?

Nature calls for all of us! The average person spends more than two years of their life in the bathroom. The average bathroom break takes about 15 minutes. 

This makes it extremely important to provide bathrooms for your workers. Portable toilets are easy to rent and bring onto your construction site. 

However, you can’t find the first construction portable toilets you see. You need to follow OSHA standards for a portable toilet rental. 

What are OSHA guidelines for portable construction toilets? How should you clean your toilets? Where should your toilets be located? 

Answer these questions and you can make the most out of portable toilets. Here is your quick guide.

OSHA Rules for Portable Toilets

Standard 1926.51(c) provides OSHA’s standards for toilets at job sites. OSHA mandates that all construction sites have at least one portable toilet at the site.

If you have more than 20 employees, you need one toilet seat and one urinal for every 40 workers. If you have more than 200 employees, you need one seat and one urinal for every 50 workers. 

You may be working in a building that has a functional bathroom. This bathroom can count toward this requirement. There is no limit on how many bathrooms you can have on-site. 

You must take steps to keep the bathrooms clean. Each bathroom must have hot and cold running water or hand sanitizer so employees can clean their hands. 

OSHA also has requirements that apply to all businesses and industries. You must allow workers to leave their stations whenever they need to use the bathroom. You cannot impose any unreasonable restrictions like locking doors or imposing time limits on bathroom use.

If your workers are exposed to dirt and grime, you should provide them with a shower. The shower should have hot water and soap so your employees can clean themselves adequately.

Sanitary Practices for Portable Construction Toilets

A portable toilet must be cleaned at least once a week. OSHA considers a dirty or unsafe toilet to be against its guidelines, and you can receive complaints and fines for not cleaning toilets. You can clean the toilet yourself, or you can hire a cleaning crew to clean it. 

You should empty out the toilet whenever it is close to filling. You can dump the contents of the waste reservoir into a septic tank or another storage unit. 

After emptying the reservoir, you can wash the toilet using a garden hose. Scrub all surfaces of the toilet thoroughly, including the outside of the toilet. If you’re worried about pathogens, you can use antibacterial substances to kill them. 

You can let the toilet air dry, or you can use a dry towel to remove the excess water. Once the toilet is dry, you can add a few ounces of clean water to your toilet and spray some deodorant inside. 

If your toilet tips over, you need to clean it up right away. Stand the toilet up while wearing a pair of gloves. Use a garden hose to clean up the inside and then spread disinfectant around the toilet. 

Types of Portable Toilets

OSHA does not require you to use a specific type of toilet. You should look at a few options for portable restrooms for construction. A standard porta potty has a toilet, urinal, and hand sanitizer. 

If your employees’ hands get dirty, you can buy a standard potty with a sink. The sink is outside the potty, so an employee can walk up and wash their hands without needing to go inside. 

You can also get a handicap-accessible restroom. The restroom can double as a changing station, allowing employees to put on their work clothes. 

If you have a limited height restriction, you can get a high-rise restroom. This is a toilet that has a ceiling that you can take off, allowing you to roll the bathroom into a confined space. If you’re worried about privacy, you can attach the ceiling. 

You can buy portable urinals as well. Try to find private locations for them so employees feel comfortable using them. 

Places for Toilets

OSHA requires you to make toilets readily available. This means that a worker should be able to get to one within 10 minutes of leaving their station. 

If the construction site is small, you should consider placing the toilets toward the center of the site. Placing them off to one side can make it hard for workers to get to it quickly. Employees may also trip over obstacles or cross near dangerous areas on a long walk. 

If you have a large construction site, you can place a toilet near each workstation or on each side of the site. At the end of the day, check on each toilet to make sure it’s clean and easy to use for the next day. 

Put signs near your toilets so people know where to go. You can also give each worker a map with the toilets clearly marked. 

The Essentials of Portable Toilets

OSHA closely regulates portable toilets. You need to have enough for all of your employees, and they must be clean.

Order at least one for every 40 workers. Clean your toilets at the end of each day and keep track of them during the day. 

You can buy whatever toilets you want, and you may want a large toilet to serve as a changing room. You should place them in strategic locations so workers don’t have to walk far. 

Don’t go far for great porta potties. Plummer’s Disposal serves West Michigan businesses. Get a free quote today.

Bathroom Trailer for Rent! How to Improve Special Occasions With a Luxury Porta Potty

Bathroom Trailer for Rent! How to Improve Special Occasions With a Luxury Porta Potty

If you’re throwing any sort of large, outdoor event, one logistical issue you are likely facing is the bathroom situation.

Your guests and attendees will need to use the bathroom during your event, but no one likes using regular porta-potties. Even when they are cleaned on a regular basis, they are still not high-class, and their look and inclusion may bring the overall quality of your event way down.

You need another solution to this problem. One of the best solutions out for a high-end or even mid-level event is renting a luxury bathroom trailer. 

Finding a luxury bathroom trailer for rent is simple. Many companies offer these to event planners and individuals. These trailers are delivered to your location and will be set up for you. They are well-lit, spacious, and clean. Although they are temporary, portable structures, they feel more like a real bathroom than a porta-potty. Your guests will thank you for this upgrade.

If you’re interested in renting a portable bathroom trailer for your event, read on to learn more about these structures. 

Bathroom Trailer for Rent: Many Benefits

There are so many benefits to renting a portable bathroom trailer. Many event planners turn to porta potty rental for their event, but its clear to see the major differences between the two if you have ever used both. Once you try a luxury bathroom trailer for rent, you’ll never go back to regular porta potties.

1. Flushable Toilets

Portable bathroom trailers don’t smell because they feature flushable toilets. If you’ve ever used a porta potty, then you know they are similar to traditional outhouses; the waste goes into the bottom of the container and stays there until it is emptied. In the meantime, the smell escapes and everyone using it after the first few people suffers.

Portable bathroom trailers are equipped with flushing toilets. The waste still goes into the bottom of the trailer for removal later on, but due to the flushing mechanism, the collection area is closed off and no smell escapes. Furthermore, water is added to the toilet after each flush, keeping the toilet clean and fresh for the next user.

2. Running Water

Another thing that portable bathroom trailers have that standard porta potties do not is running water. In fact, your guests will be able to use a normal sink to wash their hands after using the restroom. Porta potties sometimes come with outdoor sinks or sanitizing stations, but nothing beats a real sink with water, soap, and paper towels.

3. Lighting

If you’ve ever used a regular porta potty in after the sun goes down, then you know what a nightmare the darkness can be. You never know what you’ll find when you open that porta potty door. In a bathroom trailer for rent, on the other hand, you’ll find a well-lit area for using the toilet and freshening up afterward. These trailers are connected to electricity so lights can run and light your space as late as your even goes.

4. Climate Control

Another great thing about portable bathroom trailers is that they have both heat and air conditioning. You can set a temperature for the interior and thanks to the HVAC system in each trailer, your guests will be comfortable regardless of the temperature outdoors. This is great for hot summer days and cold nights for any event you offer.

Portable bathroom trailers can even be used in the wintertime. No one wants to use the toilet in freezing cold weather, but if you set the heating to room temperature, your guests will be happy and warm while they do their business.

5. Great for Families

If your event will include families, then a portable bathroom trailer is a major upgrade over a regular porta potty for them. When parents need to help their little ones use the toilet, or if they need to change diapers, these tasks are nearly impossible in the small space offered by a porta potty. On the other hand, portable bathroom trailers offer much greater space, light, and facilities to make helping children use the bathroom a breeze.

6. Streamlined Waiting

When you have a number of porta potties in a row, the lines for them can become long and unruly. A portable bathroom trailer has a built-in space for guests to wait in line to use the restroom, and also allows guests to exit out a second door to keep traffic moving. This can make waiting a lot less painful for your guests and they’ll appreciate the easier traffic pattern as well.

Best Events for Luxury Bathroom Trailer Rentals

There are so many events that are perfect opportunities for renting a luxury bathroom trailer rental. Many people choose these as the bathroom option for outdoor weddings; they are much classier than regular porta potties and give people a place to freshen up during the event. 

These bathrooms are also great for concerts. Many live music events do not have enough bathrooms for all the attendees, and even when they do, they get dirty and unusable quickly. A luxury bathroom trailer rental will be a major upgrade for concertgoers that they will greatly appreciate. 

Are you putting on a sporting event? Luxury bathroom trailer rentals are also a great option for these types of events. Because they are useful for people of all ages, a bathroom trailer will be used and enjoyed by all. 

Rent a Portable Bathroom Trailer Today

Are you ready to try a bathroom trailer for rent? What are you waiting for? As you can see, this is a clear upgrade from the other bathroom options available for your event, and your guests and attendees will thank you for it. 

If you’re looking for a portable bathroom trailer for rent in the Grand Rapids area, please give us a call. We are excited to make your event the best that it can be.