7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Porta Potty Rental

Nov 23, 2020 | Porta Potty

Did you know that the first modern porta-potty was invented in Long Beach, California? A porta-potty was placed on a ship by a supervisor at the docks. He did this to improve efficiency and prevent workers from taking a long walk to the shore to use the toilet.

Many other businesses thought this a good idea. They started using porta-potties at construction sites and remote workplaces.  

Porta-potties have been around since Egyptian times. They have evolved from the humble wooden stool through to the modern-day portable toilet. 

Today’s porta-potties are much more sophisticated. Many include sinks, running water, heating, lighting, and flooring.

The porta potty rental business has grown dramatically over the years. The porta potty rental business offers many varieties of porta potty toilets to choose from. 

Here are 7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Porta Potty Rental

It is a fact that all humans have to answer the call of nature, whether you’re working at a construction site, planning an outdoor event, or dealing with an emergency at home.

You need to consider the options available to you as well as the type of people you want to service. i.e. Workers, event attendees, guests, or even yourself. This will determine the choice of a porta-potty or restroom trailer.

Cost is not the only factor in your choice.  

Here are 7 factors you need to take into consideration before renting a porta-potty:

1.  Cost of rental

Did you know that the global market size for portable toilet rentals is forecast to be $24.70 billion in the next five years?

It is important to request quotes from different porta-potty rental companies to compare pricing.

To get these quotes, you will, of course, have to provide accurate details of your event, construction site, or other, such as:

  • Company name or individual name
  • Billing and delivery address
  • Liaison contact number
  • Dates of delivery and pick up
  • Duration of rental
  • Crowd or personnel numbers

You must make sure to inquire what the cost includes to avoid frustration and disappointment during the rental period.

2.  Setup and Delivery

Whether you are planning toilets for an outdoor event, party, or a construction site, it will need project planning and setup.

Ensure your porta potty rental is from a reputable professional company to handle your event sanitation needs.

Porta potties are large and cumbersome.  Thus the logistics of delivery, setup, and dismantling take some planning.

They must also be able to solve problems encountered, such as positioning and uneven ground.

3.  Cleanliness and Hygiene

Let’s face it. Most people are hesitant when it comes to using a porta-potty. 

Make sure that you find out what cleaning and servicing services are provided by the rental company if any. Are the restocking of toilet paper and paper towels included? Are there cleaners to disinfect and clean during the rental period?

This is the easiest way to ensure that your porta-potty is in the best hygienic condition possible and if your needs are being met by the frequency of restocking and cleaning. 

4.  Service Response Time

Most events occur at night, over holidays or weekends. You must find out what the potty-rental company’s service response time is should there be an emergency.

It is a good idea to get a ‘one on one’ customer relation person you can be in contact with at the drop of a hat, should any emergency occur.

5.  Determine Your Needs

You know how many people attending your event or working at your construction site.  But, do you know how many porta-potties you will need or even what type of toiles?  An experienced company will discuss the different factors with you. These factors could influence the number of porta-potties needed:

  • The type of event
  • The length of rental time
  • The weather
  • The length of your event
  • The number of people using the porta-potty rental
  • The nearest toilets 
  • The logistics
  • The different types of portable toilets
  • The best place for your porta-potties
  • Hygiene

Discussing the above factors with your porta-potty rental company is very important. 

6.  What Type of Porta Potty to Choose

There are different features in portable toilets you can choose, depending on the type of event and your porta-potty visitors.

Some of the features you may want to include in your rental will be:

  • Hand Washing stations
  • Lighting
  • If your event is more luxurious, you could consider a porta-potty with extra space and wooden floors, and opulent features.

7.  Preparation of the Porta Potty Site

It is important to know where to place your porta-potties. Measurements must be taken of the area where the porta-potties will be placed. This is to make sure you can fit the optimal amount of porta-potties. 

You also have to find the best solid ground which is set away from the major area of the event. 

Here are some factors to take into consideration to ensure that your rental goes off without a hitch.

  • Place the porta-potty on level ground
  • It would be better to take into consideration not placing the porta-potties upwind
  • Find the best position to place the porta-potty normally sticking to the sides of the event 
  • For easy access place the porta-potties in multiple locations, this will give people a choice and easy access
  • Make sure delivery vehicles have easy access 
  • Place porta-potties in secure and well-lit areas to prevent any accidents

Let’s Wrap Up

Portable toilets are becoming a common sight at construction sites as well as events as they fill an important need in society.

For any event, a porta potty rental is the best choice. Additionally, porta potties are weather friendly and can be quickly transported from one point to another.

A porta-potty rental is one of the best things ‘money can buy’ for your construction site, business expos, and events.

Let us help you with your porta-potty rental needs.  Contact us for more information.


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