Roll Off Dumpster Rentals: 5 Tips for Choosing Your Best Option

Jan 8, 2024 | Dumpsters

When you’re working on a construction or renovation project, you need a place to put all the debris. A dumpster is the logical choice to streamline your process. But how much dumpster space do you need and what other factors should you consider?

Read on to learn about the five essential tips for choosing roll off dumpster rentals!

1. Compare Dumpster Sizes

One of your initial steps should be determining the roll off dumpster rental size you need. For instance, a 10-yard dumpster is a popular size for smaller renovations or decluttering tasks during the moving process. These dumpsters also tend to be easier to fit into small spaces, like narrow driveways.

For larger renovations or construction projects, a 30 or 40-yard dumpster may make more sense. Remember that you’ll pay more for the larger size. But you won’t run the risk of having less space than you need.

You don’t want a situation where debris is piled above the height of the dumpster. This can become dangerous and invite pests. 

If you anticipate a lot of debris, it’s worth it to upgrade to a bigger size. Otherwise, you’ll need a way to compact the debris.

Alternatively, you’ll need to be willing to schedule pick-ups to empty the dumpster. Keep in mind that this can cost extra, however. So it’s best to choose the right dumpster size from the start.

2. Know Where the Dumpster Will Go

When you’re trying to choose the right dumpster option, it’s wise to consider where it will go. Are you looking for something that can be wedged in a tight driveway space? Or do you have the flexibility to put a dumpster on a job site or front yard?

In the residential dumpster rental industry, companies are used to fitting dumpsters into tight spaces. So don’t let a smaller lot deter you from getting a bigger dumpster. Just be aware that you’ll need to know your driveway’s measurements as you shop for a narrow dumpster. 

Keep in mind that the same size of dumpsters can look different depending on several factors, too. The materials used to construct it can make some dumpsters look bulkier. Consider looking at dumpster options in person. 

For smaller driveways, 10-yard dumpsters might be the most fitting choice. You’ll need to clear the space ahead of time. But the dumpster rental company will handle everything from there!

3. Start Comparison Shopping

Before giving your business to one company, look at several Wayland dumpster rental options. You may be able to leverage a quote from one place to get a better price somewhere else. And you’ll be able to compare incentives, rates, and other key information. 

In general, you can plan to spend at least $100 for a short-term dumpster rental at a smaller size. But the duration of your rental and dumpster size will impact your bottom line. Ask for written quotes so you can look at the details as you compare prices. 

Ask about delivery and pick-up. Will the company put down a buffer to ensure the dumpster doesn’t damage your driveway? Will they sweep your driveway after a pick-up to make sure nails or other sharp items aren’t left behind?

And try your best to do this comparison shopping as soon as possible. Dumpsters can be in high demand during peak construction season. And you want to be sure you land a reservation.

4. Be Aware of Disposal Regulations

Before you rent a dumpster, be clear on what can go in it. It’s important to know that some items are prohibited from dumpsters. A good dumpster rental company can provide a list of common items so you’re clear on how they should be disposed of. 

Aerosol cans, for instance, can’t go into dumpsters. Spray paint cans could become flammable if there is any paint left inside of them. Toxic waste and other hazardous materials are not allowed, as well. 

You might be surprised to learn that items like batteries and electronics cannot go in a dumpster, either. When in doubt, ask. Putting the wrong items in a dumpster endangers workers at landfills who will be separating the contents of a dumpster.  

Aside from these flagged items, most items are safe to put in a dumpster. Furniture, appliances, and yard waste are perfectly fine. Similarly, shingles, brick, stone, and junk are safe to toss into a dumpster.

Aim to put food and other standard debris in traditional trash cans. This can help keep the pests away and it will free up more space.

5. Learn About Dumpster Rental Companies

Ultimately, you’ll want to vet a company before you do business with it. Not all dumpster rental services in Wayland are alike. It pays to look for one that’s experienced, professional, and communicative.

A reputable dumpster rental company will be willing to provide references or referrals. They’ll have a long list of satisfied customers, including companies in the region that use their dumpsters.

A good company will also be prompt and professional with communication. They’ll make you feel like a valued customer and go out of their way to answer your questions. Steer clear of places that don’t offer clear explanations or neglect to return your calls. 

Look at a potential dumpster rental company’s website as an initial point of departure. Check for a professional layout that indicates inventory options and contact information. While you’re at it, look for testimonials and other evidence of pleased customers.

It is also smart to look for reviews on search engines. Reviews and ratings on search engines tend to be less biased. If you see poor reviews or few reviews for a particular company, you may want to look elsewhere. 

Look into Roll Off Dumpster Rentals

Roll off dumpster rentals can make renovating or moving a breeze. Just be sure what size dumpster you need and understand what is included in the rental price. You’ll also want to verify that the rental company has the experience and strong communication skills to make your rental experience positive. 

At Plummers Disposal Service, we offer dumpster rentals to help meet your needs. With a track record of positive experiences across Western Michigan, we have the professionalism to make your project a success. Contact us today!

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