5 Ways Porta-Potty Rentals Can Save You Money

5 Ways Porta-Potty Rentals Can Save You Money

Renting a porta-potty for your outdoor events can provide financial benefits for your situation.
Here are some ways that porta-potty rentals can save you money.

Outdoor events are popular in Michigan, and visitor spending averages over $22 billion. 

In fact, they are popular all around the world. If you want to do an outdoor event of your own, there are some things you need to consider. Perhaps the most important component of any outdoor event that you will have to deal with is porta-potty rentals.

While everyone knows the important service that a porta-potty provides, not everyone thinks about the ways they can help. Porta-potty rentals have also come a long way since their early days. They feature sinks for hand washing, and some even have flushing.

The 101 on Porta-Potty Rentals

When people attend an outdoor event, they expect a few things.

One thing they expect is the ability to get or buy water, and another thing they want is enough porta-potties for everyone to use. This makes the inclusion of porta-potties an absolute necessity if you want to have a successful event.

For an event coordinator, it is about more than just guest satisfaction. You want to be able to provide your attendees with all the services they want while still protecting your bottom line. Here are five ways that having good porta-potty rentals can save you money and make your event a full success.

1. Access to Available Areas

Without porta-potty rentals at your event, you will be forced to use a space that features bathrooms. Areas like this include some fairgrounds, stadiums and event centers. If you are forced to use one of these, you are going to spend more money.

With porta-potties, you can go almost anywhere.  You could hold your event in the middle of a field, and as long as you provide what people need, they will come. This means you won’t have to pay a premium price for a developed space to hold your event.

This also frees you up to determine where your event would be best held. If you want to hold it between several towns or cities, no problem. If you want to have it in the wilderness, no problem.

It doesn’t matter where you go, with a porta-potty rental the choice is up to you.

2. Sanitation Services

If you rent your porta-potties from a sanitation company, they will come and clean them up for you as well. This service is included in the price of the rental, so you won’t be paying a hidden charge later on. Having an experienced professional service provide you with porta-potty rentals will take the stress off of you.

In addition to having a clean place to use the bathroom, this also means that your guests will have access to hand washing facilities. This can help limit the spread of germs and illnesses. Even if you don’t have access to running water, you can still equip your porta-potty with hand sanitizer.

You can even step it up a notch and go for a full bathroom trailer. This will make people feel like they are using the bathroom at their house. They are also a lot more private and provide more services, making them excellent choices for any event.

3. Comfortable Event of Guests

For any outdoor event, no matter how long it is supposed to last, having a bathroom around puts people at ease. Even if they don’t expect to need one, having one means that in the worst-case scenario they aren’t forced to leave.

This will make people more comfortable purchasing tickets or staying for the duration of your event. It’s also much easier to bring children along to an outdoor event if there are bathrooms around. Young children often have to use the bathroom every 2 hours or more.

4. Expanded Service and Reach

When you get a porta-potty rental company to help you, you can put porta-potties where you need them. Instead of being chained to one location where a bathroom exists, you can spread them out around your event. This helps you respond to the size of the event, even if it changes.

You are also able to have someone around in case of an emergency. If you’re out in the country somewhere, having a professional to help if you need them could be a lifesaver. This will also enable you to keep your bathrooms clean, and that will mean the world to your guests.

Being able to scale your sanitation needs to the size of your event means you are efficiently spending your budget. Staying within a budget is essential for cost-efficient operation and the financial success of any event.

5. Eco-Friendly Value

Porta-potty rentals use less water than traditional toilets. Many are designed to work with no extra water flow at all. This reduces the amount of sewer treatment and can be marketed as such. People are more conscious of the environment now than ever.

Using products that are bio-degradable will also reduce your trash use. You will need fewer dumpsters and sanitation stations, which will also save you money. The more amenities you can combine into one single unit, the more cost-efficient your operation is going to be.

Another way in which this will help you save money is that you won’t be liable for any contamination. The sanitation company that takes care of your porta-potty rentals will also handle the clean-up. This means that no matter what happens, you won’t have any fees or citations heading your way.

Modern Events Demand Modern Sanitation 

Whatever type of event you’re hosting, from a wedding to a music festival, people want modern convenience. Porta-potty rentals provide that convenience without breaking your bank and forcing you to pay more than you want.

Don’t risk having a sanitation disaster on your hands. Your event will not attract any guests if there are no facilities for them to use. Trapping yourself with highly developed sites will increase the cost of your event. This increase in cost could spell doom for your profits.

Contact Plummers Disposal to have your sanitation needs dealt with in a professional, cost-efficient manner.

I Do’s and Number 2’s: Everything You Need to Know About a Porta-Potty Rental for Weddings

I Do’s and Number 2’s: Everything You Need to Know About a Porta-Potty Rental for Weddings

Everything You Need to Know About a Porta-Potty Rental for Weddings.

The last thing you want to deal with on your big day is problems with your toilets. Here’s everything you need to know about porta-potty rental for weddings.

Couples are now spending an average of $35,329 on their wedding. This includes flowers, photography, entertainment, food and drinks, and venue rentals.

Yet, having your wedding at certain venue types may require you to rent a porta-potty. This is an essential wedding planning detail that you don’t want to overlook. As you’ll need to ensure the right restroom options for your guests.

Here’s everything you need to know about a porta-potty rental for weddings.

Determine Your Venue Specifications

Most outdoor venue options will need a wedding porta-potty vendor. This includes popular venue choices like barns, parks, and backyard tent weddings. Barn weddings have even increased over the last few years, with 15 percent of brides opting for this venue choice.

Your venue is often the first thing you book when planning a wedding. So, speak to your venue about specifications for renting porta-potties to accommodate your guest’s needs.

Porta-potties are also popular for backyard weddings. Renting bathrooms keeps the party in your backyard. So, guests don’t have to travel far to use the restroom.

This will also avoid lines of people waiting to use the host’s indoor bathroom. There will be less risk of plumbing issues in the house with hundreds of people using the toilets.

The house can be locked up to keep things safe during the wedding celebration. This option also gives the bride a private place inside the home to get ready as guests arrive.

Know the Style of Porta-Potty You Want

There’s a difference between renting porta-potties for construction sites and special events. The type of outdoor porta-potty you rent will depend on the style of wedding you’re planning.

Most brides choose portable luxury style bathroom trailers. These have special features better-suited for events like weddings. They come in sleek designs in a classic white color with separate quarters for men and women.

Enhancing guest comfort is also one of the main reasons to rent porta-potties. Luxury units have flushing toilets, mirrors, sinks, and granite countertops. They also offer stylish flooring and outdoor lighting.

Many come with an HVAC system to provide air conditioning or heating if needed. They feature lights for showing if the bathroom is occupied or unoccupied. You can even use their iPod radio capabilities to play music for guests.

Most rental companies provide sanitary products like soap, paper towels, and air fresheners. It’s also possible to decorate the interior or exterior of the porta-potty.

Do this by draping florals or greenery on the outside or adding custom wooden signage. You can also use candles and florals on the countertops. But be sure to go over these details with the rental company first.

Review Your Guest List

So, how many porta-potties per person will you need for your event? It helps to use your guest list to determine the number of units you will need.

The average wedding size includes 136 guests. Yet, don’t forget to account for all wedding event staffing as they will also be using the porta-potties.

There are different bathroom models to accommodate your wedding size. The Porta-Lisa Urban and Satalitte Spa are ideal for up to 250 guests. The Cottage style unit is best for weddings larger than 250 guests.

A larger-sized wedding should have extra bathrooms available. You want to avoid guests having to wait in a long line to use the restroom, especially when there is an open bar.

Porta-potty sizes are based on the amount of waste they can handle. Having too few bathrooms for a large wedding could result in plumbing issues. So, be sure to discuss your wedding size with the rental company to confirm the right logistics.

Do Your Research

When renting a porta-potty for weddings, it’s smart to do proper vendor research. You want to go with a reputable and experienced company. Make sure the company is full-service and handles the delivery, clean-up, and pick-up.

It helps to ask for testimonials from past brides. This way you can determine if the rental company meets your needs and expectations.

You want to be able to trust that the rental company will show up on time. Also, ensure there won’t be any plumbing issues with the bathroom. The porta-potties should show up sparkling clean and smell fresh as well.

You can ask the rental company for an image gallery of their different porta-potty options. This way you know what you’re getting and there are not any surprises on the day of the wedding.

Finalize the Details

When booking porta-potties for weddings, ensure you have all the details confirmed well before the big day. This includes drop-off, set-up, and removal times. Be sure these work well with your wedding timeline and other vendors.

It’s best to have the porta-potties delivered the day before the wedding. This ensures less stress for the bride and it’s less likely something will go wrong the day of the wedding.

It’s common to have the porta-potties picked up the day after the wedding. This way they can still be used by vendors who are responsible for cleaning up after the wedding.

You also need to determine the location where the units will be placed. Make sure the units are easy for guests to access without being in the way.

Most wedding porta-potties hook up using a garden hose. Yet, they can also work off of a fresh water tank hook-up. Be sure to discuss this with the rental company in advance.

Booking the Best Porta-Potty Rental for Weddings

The best porta-potty rental for weddings offers high-end facilities with extra features. These work to increase the comfort and convenience of the wedding guests. The right vendor will also help to ensure your day runs smoothly with no issues with the guest bathrooms.

Learn more about how Plummers Disposal Service can help enhance your outdoor wedding.

8 Reasons to Have Outdoor Porta Potties at Your Next Event

8 Reasons to Have Outdoor Porta Potties at Your Next Event

Do you dream of getting married under the summer sky or hosting a wedding anniversary party to end all wedding anniversary parties? Well, don’t let thoughts of the venue keep you from planning your special moment under the local park’s veranda or your friend’s expansive plot of land.  

Below, we’re going to review how outdoor porta potties can pluck your wildest dreams out of the sky and place them into reality. With a little bit of planning and consideration based on your guest list, you can have an ideal setup at your next party or event. 

1. Venue Options Increase

Porta potties open up a world of venue options. That park where you first kissed your husband? You can plan your wedding reception there now without worrying about bathroom facilities. That farmland you inherited from your ancestors? You can plan your 50-year wedding anniversary there now.  

As long as you can get the generators to that magical space, you can string the lights, set out the hot plates, pump up the subwoofers, and dream your biggest dreams. Porta potties completely eliminate the question of, “Where will people go to the bathroom?” 

2. Your House Stays Clean

If you’re planning an event on your property, will guests have to go in and out of your house? Do you know everyone on the list well enough to feel comfortable having them walk through your home?

If you have more guests than your one and a half bath can accommodate, you’ll definitely want to consider a porta potty. It’ll reduce the lines and the foot traffic through your home.

3. Guest Comfort

Aside from ease of use, porta potties also offer a lot of comfort. This is part of the reason the future Queen of England’s sister, Pippa Middleton, didn’t bat an eye before setting up porta potties at her wedding reception.

You can place three or four facilities throughout the property. If you’re renting a gorgeous white tent for your event, you can place a porta potty at almost every corner. 

This will not only make the guests happy but also make all your expenditures worthwhile. The less time guests have to spend hoofing it to some sort of central facility (or your house), the more time they can spend out on the dance floor. 

4. Parental Assistance

Parents will definitely prefer slipping out of your big, white party tent to run the little ones to a central porta potty rather than schlepping one or all of their kids to some central facility.

And, knowing kids, one will go, they’ll all return to the tent, and then the next one will swear they have to go again. Now, mom and dad can refill their beverage and only take a few steps to help little Johnny or Mary take care of business. 

5. Handicap Assistance

The same thing holds true for your handicapped guests. Traveling long distances just to make it to the bathroom can be quite a burden to them.

And, no matter the style of porta potty you choose, most companies can install handicap units with ramps, railings, and added space. This elevates porta potties from simple comfort options to tremendously empathetic offerings. 

6. Decreased Cleaning

Although you will want to spot check your porta potties throughout the night, that’ll be the extent of your cleaning duties. You won’t feel compelled to bleach the toilet and sink after high levels of traffic. 

Rather, you’ll leave your porta potties out on the property and wait for the rental company to come along and haul them away. 

7. An Array of Options

Hopefully, you haven’t been here with us picturing old-school blue, plastic heat boxes. Nowadays, porta potties come in an array of options. You can even offer your guests full-blown flushable toilets, running water, and mirrors. 

Feel free to stream some music over an AM/FM radio in your facilities. Better yet, go wild and offer designated men’s and women’s rooms.

Lay out fancy towels and offer plenty of lighting. Don’t be surprised if, even in light of those delicious macarons and that spectacular open bar, the talk of the town will be about your luxurious porta potties. 

8. The Open Bar Mandates It

We’ve covered the practical with parental and handicap assistance. Now, it’s time to consider those who will be letting their hair down. If you plan to offer any alcohol at your event, easy access to the restroom will be a welcomed offering. 

The shortened lines will be helpful and the reduced traffic in your home will make you smile. And, again, don’t forget how pleasant your (non-existant) cleanup will be the morning after. 

You Won’t Regret Outdoor Porta Potties

When you consider the ease of access and reduced cleanup that comes with outdoor porta potties, it feels like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Guests won’t have to push their bladders to the limit; young families will appreciate it; handicap guests will love your thoughtfulness. 

If you live in the Wayland, MI area, we’d be more than happy to help you plan the party of your dreams. Reserve that space at a local park. Open up your home without fear of sloppiness from the open bar participants. 

Here at Plummers Disposal Service, we have porta potty rental options available for any type of event. Even if you choose a standard unit, we have an array of colors available for you, including pink, orange, and green. Go ahead. Call us today to check this item off your party planning to-do list!