Application for Credit

(Commercial Only)

Corporation/ Name & Address of Officers

Trade References (min of 3)

Terms: Net 28 days EOM, payable the 28th day of the month following purchase / rental.
A service charge at the annual percentage rate of 18% per annum (monthly rate is 1.5%) will be applied to all past due
Applicant’s signature authorizes Plummer’s Disposal to make inquiries with any credit reporting agency, bank or trade reference
in connection with the extension of credit requested by the undersigned. Applicant’s signature attests financial responsibility,
ability and agreement to pay our invoices in accordance with above terms. Plummer’s Disposal may at its sole discretion and
without any advance notice discontinue further extension of credit. The undersigned also agrees that in the event the account
is turned over to an attorney or a collection agency for collection, the undersigned agrees to pay all attorney / collection fees
and costs associated with the collection of this debt.

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