It’s easy to order a dumpster, basically all you have to do is fill it!!

Plummer’s does the rest.


No matter how big or small your job, we have the right size for you. Just call us at 616-261-4344 or visit our Contact Us page to have a representative reach out to you. Give us a call and we can discuss your project and recommend an appropriate sized dumpster. Below are some specifications and broad guidelines for each dumpster size we provide. Be sure to read the list of prohibited items that cannot go into a dumpster.

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Trash Cart | 29″L x 34″W x 45″D Great for special events, parties, or job sites, Lid, Wheels, and Large Handles

Self-Dumping Hopper | 1.5-2 Yard Capacity

• Limited Quantities
• Used with Hi-Lo or Pettibone

10 Yard Box | 12′L x 8′W x 4′D A 10 yard dumpster is appropriate for small remodeling projects and medium sized cleanups. Here are some examples:

• Medium sized basement, attic, or garage cleanouts
• Deck removal up to 250 sq ft
• Single shingle roof debris up to 1,500 sq ft. or in (roofing terminology 25sq).
• Small kitchen or bath remodeling project

15 Yard Box | 16’L x 8’W x 4.5’D A 15 yard dumpster is generally best for medium sized projects such as attic and basement cleanups, remodeling projects. Here are some examples:

• Basement and attic
• Large garage cleanout
• Shed demolition
• Re-siding your house
• Single shingle roof debris from 1,500 to 2,200 sq ft. or in (roofing terminology 37sq).
• Concrete tear out of driveway

20 Yard Box | 16-22′L x 8′W x 4.5′-6’D A 20 yard dumpster is generally best for medium sized renovation projects and large home cleanup projects. Here are some examples:

• Large basement, attic, or garage clean-outs
• Flooring or carpet removal for a large house
• Deck removal from 300 to 400 sq ft
• Single shingle roof debris from 2,500 to 3,000 sq ft. or in (roofing terminology 50sq).
• Cement block wall teardown
• Concrete tear out (2/3 full only)

30 Yard Box | 20′-22’L x 8′W x 6D A 30 yard dumpsters are generally larger than what is necessary for any but the largest home cleanout projects, they are generally used for larger remodeling and renovation type projects. Here are some examples:

• Construction of a new home
• Demolition of a two car garage
• Small to medium house complete siding or window replacement

40 Yard Box | 22′L x 8′W x 8’D A 40 yard dumpster is going to have even higher side walls than a 30 yarder. 40 yard dumpsters are normally only used for the largest of projects. Here are some examples:

• Commercial roof tear off
• Commercial building clean out
• New construction or major additions

40 Yard Compactor Box | 22’L x 8’W x 84″D Used for trash or cardboard Hooks to existing compactor

Roll-Off Flatbed | 20’L x 8’W  Various Uses

Absolutely nothing can be sticking up above top edges. So plan for a bigger container to avoid additional fees. We hate adding fees to your invoice as much as you do. We are known for “no hidden surprises”. We bill what we say we will. So please follow the rules and directions and keep us all happy and safe. Thanks for your understanding.

**Dumpster dimensions may vary**


Similar to construction dumpsters are roofing dumpster rentals. Our dumpsters can be used to contain the shingles and sheathing from roofing projects. Regardless of the size of the building that is getting a new roof or major repair, Plummer’s Disposal has a dumpster that will meet a contractor’s needs. We also provide empty and return services, which will allow contractors to complete the project with very little downtime.


The most common way Plummer’s Disposal facilitates contractors is during construction projects. Our dumpster rentals can help for small renovations up to a large remodel of a commercial building. There are a variety of construction projects in between that can be completed using a roll off dumpster rentals. Plummer’s realizes construction debris removal can be confusing even for individuals or companies in the industry. We will make getting rid of the unwanted materials from various projects extremely easy. Plummer’s also provide empty and return services, which will allow contractors to complete the project with very little downtime.


We can also assist contractors with projects involving concrete and dirt. Plummer’s Disposal can haul away your unwanted concrete and dirt waste as long as it is clean of any contaminants. We also provide empty and return services, which will allow contractors to complete the project with very little downtime.

Have LEED requirements?

Plummers Disposal Service is your partner in turning waste into a resource that benefits our community and environment. PDS provides customized LEED documentation that detail your project’s activity and diversion. The reports can be generated on a monthly, quarterly, or per project basis.

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