4 Ways Bathroom Trailers Are Essential During a Pandemic

Jul 16, 2020 | Luxury Bathroom Trailer

Did you know there are nearly four million serviced portable bathrooms around the world? Most of them are in the U.S. and surrounding areas.

Portable bathroom trailers are growing in popularity, especially among businesses and individuals looking to spend more time outdoors after the initial pandemic. People are more likely to spend time outdoors with a simple bathroom option.

Below are just a few ways that bathroom trailers are essential during a pandemic!

Portable Bathrooms Make Socially Distancing Easier

When you’re expecting to use the bathroom quickly and peacefully, the last thing you want is to be cramped up in a smelly port-a-potty.

One major downside of social distancing is the closure of many businesses’ bathrooms. There are very few public restrooms in the city, and those in parks or recreational areas tend to get less attention in terms of sanitation.

Public spaces aren’t the only places lacking reliable restroom options. People who once relied on their favorite coffee shop or brunch spot for a respite from the daily grind may no longer be able to use their bathrooms. Even if patrons can use a bathroom, they may not be able to do so while social distancing.

Bodily needs don’t take a break, even during a pandemic. Even after virus concerns fade, people need a way to wash their hands to avoid spreading germs.

If your bathroom is too small for distancing or you just want to avoid lines of people filling the hallway, it might be time to rent a portable bathroom. You’ll love how surprisingly spacious a bathroom trailer can be!

Patrons will appreciate the outdoor option for many reasons. It’s easier to keep your indoor space clean when bathroom traffic is moved outdoors, and people aren’t scared off by the lack of options.

Your patrons will enjoy the various amenities, as well. Bathrooms come pre-stocked with quality soap and paper towels so you don’t have to worry about running out of anything.

Bathroom Trailers: Great for Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Outdoor activities are a great way to spend time together without worrying about large crowds.

Hiking is one activity many families enjoy doing together. After a long day of physical activity, you may not want to use a hot, smelly outhouse. You definitely won’t want to dig cat holes every time someone needs to go.

With more people on the trails than ever before, even the more rugged types may struggle to find privacy to relieve themselves. Even worse, you may have to drive out of the way to find a public bathroom.

Picnics are another common scenario for groups who would normally hang out indoors. If you’re staying hydrated, you’ll also want a place to use the bathroom without disrupting the group.

Family outings become a hassle when you can’t easily use the restroom. Families don’t want to take the kids to the park or farmer’s market, only to have them complain about needing to use the restroom as soon as they unbuckle.

Bathroom trailer rentals allow several people to use the bathroom, wash hands or faces, and cool off without stepping on toes. We include multiple toilets with privacy barriers, including trailers with separate men’s rooms and women’s rooms.

Luxury Bathroom Trailer Rentals Can Save Your Annual Camping Trip

Another popular scenario: the family camping trip. With little else to do during the summer, families that normally stay indoors are becoming more adventurous. Parks are doing their best to meet the growing needs of families and individuals spending time outdoors.

The longer you spend time outdoors, the more important it is that you have access to proper hygiene. That aunt with food sensitivities may not want to hike through the entire campsite to use the restroom.

Safety is also an important factor when using public restrooms. You might worry about the kiddos taking the long trip at night to the bathroom alone. You may just want a little convenience (or privacy) when all that grilled food settles.

You will already spend some time finding the right campsite, stocking up on food, and checking tent gear, so why not double-check that bathroom sitch?

You don’t have to worry about outdated plumbing with bathroom trailer rentals. Each trailer is fitted with flushing toilets and stainless steel sinks. Luxury bathroom trailers come with the kind of amenities that you might find in a nice hotel bathroom.

Working Outdoors Is Easier with Portable Trailers

If your job involves more outdoor work than before, you may not have access to regular bathrooms. Some port-a-pottys simply aren’t up to standard. They also can be extremely uncomfortable in hot or cold weather with the lack of temperature regulation.

Working on-the-go shouldn’t mean sacrificing comfort. Portable bathrooms allow people to relieve themselves without worrying about when (or where) they will be able to go. The trailers are completely clean and empty upon arrival and stay clean longer than public bathrooms.

Renovating a new home? Trailers come in multiple sizes for larger or smaller groups. Even if everyone breaks for lunch at the same time, they’ll be able to use the bathroom without standing in line or wasting company time.

Every time a trailer is returned, it’s cleaned and sanitized per current regulation standards. This process ensures the safety of use every time!

Bathrooms That Meet Your Needs

Whether you’re having a family picnic at a park, a day working outdoors, or housing family for a special event, you no longer have to resort to old, dirty bathrooms. Our bathroom trailers are sleek and compact without sacrificing comfort.

Check one more thing off your safety list with a restroom you can rely on. Check out our supply of rentals for more portable bathroom options!

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