7 Reasons Why You Should Have Luxury Portable Toilets at Your Next Event

7 Reasons Why You Should Have Luxury Portable Toilets at Your Next Event

If there’s one thing we’ve seen across the country in the past year and a half, it’s an increase in outdoor activities. It’s not just hiking, biking, and getting back to nature that’s on the rise–it’s also outdoor event planning. There are tons of benefits to hosting an event outdoors. From outdoor concerts to weddings to birthday parties, outdoor venues, parks, and even backyards make a perfect background. The only problem? You’ve got to come up with a bathroom solution, and sometimes, a traditional porta-potty just doesn’t align with your vision. The solution? Luxury portable toilets are the perfect way to provide bathroom accommodations without shifting the vibe.

Read on for seven compelling reasons to use luxury portable toilets for your next outdoor event.

1. A Discrete Look

When you’re planning any event, aesthetics are usually high on your list of priorities. From a theme to a color scheme, you want everything to look purposeful and cohesive. While regular porta-potties don’t look out of place in spaces like construction sites or campsites, they probably don’t match the look you’re going for at a birthday party or wedding.

Luxury portable toilets don’t look like porta-potties. The exterior is white and clean and won’t disrupt the flow of your event’s aesthetic.

2. Increased Bathroom Security

When people are looking for a place to go, they want somewhere that feels safe and secure. The last thing they want is to have someone pulling on the locked door when they’re using the restroom!

Luxury portable toilets go beyond the traditional “occupied” and “unoccupied” knob. Our luxury portable toilets use “occupied” and “unoccupied” lighting systems to send a clear message to those waiting in line.

3. Desired Bathroom Amenities

What do you imagine in a high-quality bathroom? You probably picture a flushing toilet, a nice sink equipped with soap and paper towels, and a mirror to fix your hair or adjust your tie.

A regular porta-potty serves a purpose but it isn’t a space you can take your time in like a regular bathroom. Luxury portable toilets are equipped with all of the desirable bathroom amenities you’d expect from an indoor bathroom, down to the flushing toilet.

4. Sizing Options

One thing that you want to take into consideration when planning a nice outdoor event is the size of the crowd. The average wedding hosts 167 guests, all of whom will need to use the restroom at some point!

With luxury portable toilets, you don’t have to worry that your guests will spend half the night waiting in a long line for a single toilet. You can rent luxury portable toilets in a variety of sizes that offer plenty of individual bathrooms.

5. Pristine Cleanliness

We keep all of our luxury portable toilets in pristine condition and your guests will notice right away. While traditional porta-potties are clean, the dim lighting, lack of flushing toilets, and plastic amenities can take away from the overall sense of cleanliness.

Luxury portable toilets, on the other hand, are well-lit with stainless steel sinks, marble countertops, and porcelain amenities. Not only is it easier to take care of things like washing your own hands but it’s also easier to see and sense how clean these portable toilets really are.

6. Appealing Additional Features

In addition to covering all of the must-haves in a high-quality bathroom, luxury portable toilets come with unbeatable fun-to-have features. For example, the walls are painted in pleasant, multi-toned neutrals that will remind you of your bathroom at home. Multiple surfaces also allow for any small decorative items you want to use to enhance the party vibe even in the restroom!

Our luxury portable toilets also offer outdoor lighting for evening and late-night events. Standing in line in the dark isn’t necessary when you use these portable bathroom trailers.

Best of all? Our luxury portable toilets are equipped with AM/FM radio, CD players, and iPod compatibility. That’s right, you can tune into your favorite local station or curate a playlist for your luxury portable toilets! Not only is this a feature that your guests will find delightful but it will also enhance privacy and keep spirits high!

7. A Real Bathroom Ready-Made for Your Outdoor Event

For the longest time, outdoor events were required to use traditional porta-potties to provide bathroom accessibility to guests. It didn’t matter how high-end or high-cost your event was. A porta-potty was the only solution.

Now, luxury portable toilets are changing the game. If the only thing that was stopping you from hosting outdoor events in the past was the bathroom situation, your worries are over!

Luxury portable toilets provide everything you would expect from a permanent, indoor bathroom. All you have to do is find the right portable toilet rental near you and have your real, ready-made bathrooms delivered right to your event space.

Plummers Disposal Service Can Supply Luxury Portable Toilets for Your Outdoor Michigan Event

Where can you find luxury portable toilets for your outdoor Michigan event? Plummers Disposal Service offers three different luxury portable toilet options to fit your event-planning needs. Whether you’re hosting a small, intimate gathering or a large event, we have you covered.

Ready to find out more about how we can help you put the final touch on your outdoor event planning? Contact us today and let us know which of our services you’re interested in. We’ll provide a free quote so that you can make an informed decision for your next big outdoor event.

5 Reasons Why Luxury Portable Toilets Are a Must-Have at Your Next Event

5 Reasons Why Luxury Portable Toilets Are a Must-Have at Your Next Event

Are you looking for ways to increase the luxury of your next event or gathering? Do you want to make sure that your VIPs are comfortable and stay for the duration of the event? If so, then you need to invest in luxury portable toilets for the entirety of your event.

Without practical and comfortable bathroom options, your guests will leave earlier than you intended. If you plan to serve food and drink, you need to give them portable bathroom trailers to relieve themselves.

See below for an in-depth list of benefits that you’ll unlock for your event when you rent luxury portable toilets for all of your guests.

1. Glorious Amenities

Luxury portable toilets, also known as portable bathroom trailers, are an incredible way to provide more value for the duration of your event. They make the bathroom experience far more comfortable and efficient for your guests.

As cost-efficient as porta potty rental can be, sometimes you need a bit more class for your gathering. Luxury portable toilets fulfill that need in several key ways. For an example of this, look no further than the amenities that they provide.

First off, they supply your guests with an efficient way to wash their hands. Each of our portable bathroom trailers has soap dispensers and sinks with running water. Each sink has hot and cold water to make sure you have your preferred temperature as you wash your hands.

Also, contrary to porta-potties, luxury portable toilet trailers have flushable toilets, making your guests feel as if they’re in a cleaner area to relieve themselves. The trailers also provide designated men’s and women’s restrooms, giving it the feel of a washroom you’d find in a hotel or restaurant.

They also come with outdoor lighting, providing a clear walkway after it’s dark, as well as occupied and unoccupied lights.

2. Comfortable Climate

Outdoor events can be tricky to pull off, depending on the weather that you’re working with. This is especially true for the outdoor restroom options that you offer for your attendees.

For example, if you’re planning an outdoor event during the summer, then some guests might not want to venture into the average portable bathroom option. If it’s cold outside, then you’re faced with the same issue. You want to make sure that your guests are comfortable when they use the establishments, no matter what the weather’s like outside.

Luxury portable toilets can help there as well! They provide an exceptional climate for both the men’s and women’s bathrooms. a luxury bathroom trailer provides both heat and air conditioning inside. Your guests will stay cool and calm as they hit the bathroom before getting back to your party.

Attendees are becoming more and more aware of the benefits that bathroom trailers offer them. When they notice them at your event, they’ll plan to stay at your event longer. If you have other bathroom options (or worse—no bathroom options) then, a large number of your guests will hit the road before your event is through.

Even though bathroom accommodations are a small part of your event planning process, they shouldn’t be taken for granted. Invest in portable bathroom trailers to make sure your guests are comfortable the entire time.

3. They Fit Perfectly With Any Occasion

One of the great things about Michigan is all the different events that you can host throughout the year. In the summer, it’s one of the most beautiful places to host a wedding. It’s also great for planning races, sports tournaments, and so on.

It doesn’t matter whether your event will take place in Kalamazoo, Zeeland, Rockford, Grand Rapids, Walker, Holland, or anywhere else, our portable bathrooms are the perfect solution.

Thanks to their sleek and modern design (plus their luxurious amenities), they fit perfectly with any event. You can use them for weddings, galas, sports tournaments, marathon races, trade shows, and more. As long as you need to provide establishments for your attendees, the portable bathroom trailer will fit the bill.

4. Tends to a Large Number of Guests

One of the trickiest parts of event planning is making proper accommodations for the number of guests that you have attending. 

Porta potties are a tremendous and cost-efficient option, but you want to make sure that you have enough to compensate for the number of guests that you’re expecting. The last thing you want is a long line for the bathroom. Your guests will run for the hills and never return!

Luxury portable toilets, such as portable bathroom trailers, can accommodate a larger number of guests. That way, there’s less of a line, and your attendees can get back to the action quicker.

5. More Spacious

As silly as it might seem, space plays a very important role in the bathroom options you provide for your guests. Believe it or not, a whopping 10-percent of the entire world suffers from claustrophobia.

There’s an even higher percentage that shares similar discomfort with confined spaces. In other words: you need to give your guests options for more room when they use the facilities.

Thankfully, luxury portable toilets have you covered! They offer much more space than the typical portable toilet, making them the ideal choice for events with large crowds.

Invest in Luxury Portable Toilets for Your Event

Now that you have seen a list of benefits that you’ll receive when you rent luxury portable toilets for your event, be sure to take advantage.

Be sure to read this article as well for more information on how to choose the best portable sanitation for your event.

For more inquiries, please be sure to fill out our online contact form to receive a free estimate for your needs, and we will be happy to assist you further.

How Do Porta Potties Work?

How Do Porta Potties Work?

Are you planning a large outdoor gathering? Or are you heading a construction project? In such a case, you will need porta potties. 

Yes, the portable toilets you see at the fair and large festivals. If there aren’t any public restrooms, you don’t want people running around to look for a place to go to the bathroom. 

Porta potties offer convenience. Once the event is over, there’s no need to worry as the porta potty will remove them. 

You may be thinking, “how do porta potties work?” Read this article to learn how they stay clean and what happens to the waste. 

How Do Porta Potties Work

To understand how porta potties work, we need to go over their design. Most porta potties have a body that consists of lightweight sheet-like polyethylene. This material forms the actual toilet.  

The roof is translucent. There are vents on the roof or the side of the porta potty. Inside there is a non-splash urinal with its own toilet seat.

You’ll also find a holding tank. This tank normally has a 60-gallon capacity. It will be a while before there’s a need to replace the porta potty. 

Some porta potties have a built-in flushing mechanism and pressure system. These components help to move the water and chemicals around. This system functions as a regular toilet. 

Keep in mind that porta potties don’t have a connection to a plumbing or sewage system. They hold the waste until the company can take them away. 

How Do Porta Potties Stay Clean

Some people don’t like to use porta potties because they view them as unclean. The companies that rent out porta potties take every step to make sure they are as sanitized as possible. 

A formula of different chemicals goes into the porta potty. These chemicals often include water, fragrance, and surfactants. Most have a blue dye that gives them that familiar blue liquid. 

These chemicals serve as a deodorizer. They contain disinfectant properties that help to fight off those foul smells. 

Most modern porta potties contain biocides and enzymes. These microbes feed on bacteria found in human waste.

On top of eating the bacteria that cause odor, the microbes help to decompose the organic matter faster. This process makes it easier to dispose of the waste later on. 

How are Porta Potties Emptied

Now you may be asking, “Where does the waste go in a porta potty?” Because the porta potties are self-containing, the waste needs to be removed. 

The company that you rent the porta potties from will service them. They will provide you with a service schedule. A team of dedicated professionals will take care of this. 

You can expect them to come weekly. At most, a porta potty must be serviced after 100 uses, so if there is a lot of activity, the team may come more often. 

The team drives a truck with a vacuum. They attach the vacuum directly to the holding tank. Then, it sucks up the waste into the truck that has a waste storage unit. 

The truck also has a freshwater tank. After removing all the waste, the team will fill up the holding tank in the porta potty with fresh water. They will then proceed to add all the chemicals to help sanitize it. 

The team will even refill all the necessary supplies. These include paper towels and toilet paper. The truck will transport the waste to a municipal treatment plant for disposal.

There’s no need to worry about unsafe disposal practices. The company takes it to an authorized sanitation cleaning facility. The waste will undergo a safe and effective treatment process. 

Factors to Consider When Renting a Porta Potty

So now that you know how porta potties work, you have to consider several factors before you go ahead and rent one. First, consider the type of event or project you’re going to hold. This will give you an idea of the type of porta potty you’ll want to rent. 

There’s the regular porta potty that you often see at construction sites. This option is great for private gatherings and special occasions.

If you want to go all out, there’s the deluxe option that comes with a sink. This is a great all-in-one option. Handicap-accessible porta potties are also available.  

You must also consider the number of people at the event, as well as the location of the event. If you’re going to have a large event, there should be one porta potty for every 40 to 60 people. For a construction site, it’s best to have one porta potty for every 20 workers. 

The more area your event will cover, the more units you’ll need. Do keep in mind that the location of your event or construction site will affect the total rental costs. 

Another factor to consider is the maintenance of the units you rent out. The length of the event or the construction project will determine how much maintenance the company will need to provide.

Do make sure to confirm this information with the company to make sure that all your needs are met. 

Time to Rent the Porta Potties

If you wanted to know how do porta potties work, this article gave you all the information you needed to know. Porta potties are great for large events and construction sites. 

You don’t have to worry about these units as the company will service them. They will also remove the waste and bring in new units. 

Please contact us if you want to ask for a quote to rent our porta potties. 

What is a Luxury Porta Potty and When Would You Use it?

What is a Luxury Porta Potty and When Would You Use it?

Most people are familiar with regular porta-potties. They are often placed at construction sites or large outdoor events.

But there are many types of events where a standard porta potty wouldn’t be appropriate, but extra toilets are still needed. What can you do instead?

You can rent luxury porta-potties. A luxury porta potty is essentially a complete portable restroom.

When it comes to events that are meant to impress, these are your best option. They function and feel completely different from standard porta-potties.

Now, you can host outdoor events without fear of unsightly toilet facilities. But just what are luxury porta-potties and when is the right occasion to rent them? Keep reading to find out.

First Things First: What are Standard Porta-Potties?

When talking about high-end, luxury porta-potties, it helps to know what standard porta potties are and what they are for. This gives you something to compare against.

A porta-potty, also known as a portaloo, porta-john, and a host of other terms, is a portable toilet. They are small and made completely out of plastic.

Waste is held in the bottom of the unit until cleaned out, which should happen on a regular basis. They typically do not have a sink inside but come with a sanitizer dispenser. Depending on the occasion, there may be portable plastic sinks outside.

They function very well for many outdoor events and activities where aesthetics aren’t necessary.

You see them regularly on construction sites, at large outdoor events such as a race or outdoor festival, and other events where nicer facilities aren’t required.

But when hosting a nicer event, such as a wedding, birthday party, or corporate function, you want toilets for events that don’t feel like construction bathrooms.

This is where the luxury porta potty, or restroom trailer, comes in.

What Is a Luxury Porta Potty?

Luxury portable toilets are also known as restroom trailers. They are large, towable trailers that have been outfitted with a professional, complete restroom inside.

The outside is a professional-looking white trailer with proper doors. Steps lead up into the restroom. Lights inform guests if units are occupied or unoccupied.

The inside of the restroom trailer feels nothing like a porta potty. It’s as if you are in a developed office or hotel rather than a portaloo.

Luxury Porta Potty Features

The interiors include many features such as large mirrors, perfect for events where guests are dressing up. Stainless steel sinks, soap, and paper towels allow for proper washing. Our granite countertops make the restrooms feel luxurious.

One of the biggest benefits of the luxury porta potty is the fact that toilets actually flush. Instead of standard porta potties, where waste collects in the bottom of the toilet, the trailers have actual flushing toilets.  Built-in waste bins keep trash out of sight, allowing for clean units all day long. 

The trailers also come equipped with an HVAC system, allowing the units to be cooled or heated, depending on the season.

Plummers Disposal Restroom Trailer Options

At Plummers Disposal we offer three different portable restroom trailers for different sized events. Our trailers each have between two and four restrooms with designated men’s and women’s rooms.

Reach out to us with an estimated number of attendees and we can recommend the perfect trailer(s) for your event.

Our smallest luxury restroom is the Porta-Lisa. This compact trailer hosts two small, but complete restrooms in a 53-square-foot package. The men’s restroom contains a standard toilet and a urinal.

The Porta-Lisa contains all of the features mentioned above, such as flushing toilets and granite countertops. This unit can serve up to 250 guests.

Our Satelite Spa Bathroom Trailer is a bit larger at 65 square feet. It also contains two individual restrooms, one for men and one for women, and can serve events of up to 250 guests.

The Satelite Spa Trailer is perfect for a wedding or an event where people would need to do makeup or change clothes on location.

And lastly, we offer a 4-restroom trailer. The Cottage Bathroom Trailer can function well at events where more than 250 people are in attendance.

The two restrooms on the outside ends of the trailers are smaller than the 2 in the middle. Each restroom still comes equipped with a flushable toilet, stainless steel sink and mirror.

For large events, the Cottage Bathroom Trailer is your best bet.

When are Luxury Porta-Potties the Better Option

There are many instances where a standard porta potty would be a bad option. But because luxury options are now available, you can still plan outdoor events.


As mentioned earlier, luxury bathroom trailers are perfect for outdoor weddings. Particularly here in Michigan, summer and autumn are perfect for outdoor weddings.

Whether you choose to host your special day at a barn, park in the woods, farm, or even in a backyard, you can have quality bathrooms that will surprise your guests. 

This also gives the wedding party the opportunity to get ready for the ceremony on location, as our bathroom trailers are spacious enough for dressing.


Charity fundraisers are often held out of doors and would be great candidates for restroom trailers. At a fundraiser, your goal is to create a fun, comfortable, and impressive event as you hope to raise enough money for your charity.

As such, renting luxury restrooms will suit your event much more than standard porta-johns.

Corporate Gatherings

Corporate gatherings can also benefit from our trailers as well. When crafting a fun event for your organization, it’s helpful to get your entire team outside together.

Most of your employees only know each other in the confines of an office building. To craft a truly meaningful experience, bring them all outside to celebrate and engage in team building activities.

Renting portable restroom trailers will add the perfect amount of comfort to your day of outdoor activities.

Household Events

And there are many other reasons to go with the luxury option as well. You don’t need to host a large event to benefit from a restroom trailer. Maybe you’re hosting a backyard open house for your graduating teenager.

Keep your home’s bathroom from getting overused by renting a comfortable restroom trailer instead.

No Need to Sacrifice Comfort

In the past, planning an outdoor event has always been a frustrating process knowing that you’d have to rely on nearby, unkempt restrooms or renting the standard porta potty.

But today, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to plan fun, non-traditional outdoor events. The luxury porta potty will impress guests and make the day less stressful for everyone.

Interested in getting quotes for your upcoming event? Fill out this form and we’ll send over all the information you need.

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Porta Potty Rental

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Porta Potty Rental

Did you know that the first modern porta-potty was invented in Long Beach, California? A porta-potty was placed on a ship by a supervisor at the docks. He did this to improve efficiency and prevent workers from taking a long walk to the shore to use the toilet.

Many other businesses thought this a good idea. They started using porta-potties at construction sites and remote workplaces.  

Porta-potties have been around since Egyptian times. They have evolved from the humble wooden stool through to the modern-day portable toilet. 

Today’s porta-potties are much more sophisticated. Many include sinks, running water, heating, lighting, and flooring.

The porta potty rental business has grown dramatically over the years. The porta potty rental business offers many varieties of porta potty toilets to choose from. 

Here are 7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Porta Potty Rental

It is a fact that all humans have to answer the call of nature, whether you’re working at a construction site, planning an outdoor event, or dealing with an emergency at home.

You need to consider the options available to you as well as the type of people you want to service. i.e. Workers, event attendees, guests, or even yourself. This will determine the choice of a porta-potty or restroom trailer.

Cost is not the only factor in your choice.  

Here are 7 factors you need to take into consideration before renting a porta-potty:

1.  Cost of rental

Did you know that the global market size for portable toilet rentals is forecast to be $24.70 billion in the next five years?

It is important to request quotes from different porta-potty rental companies to compare pricing.

To get these quotes, you will, of course, have to provide accurate details of your event, construction site, or other, such as:

  • Company name or individual name
  • Billing and delivery address
  • Liaison contact number
  • Dates of delivery and pick up
  • Duration of rental
  • Crowd or personnel numbers

You must make sure to inquire what the cost includes to avoid frustration and disappointment during the rental period.

2.  Setup and Delivery

Whether you are planning toilets for an outdoor event, party, or a construction site, it will need project planning and setup.

Ensure your porta potty rental is from a reputable professional company to handle your event sanitation needs.

Porta potties are large and cumbersome.  Thus the logistics of delivery, setup, and dismantling take some planning.

They must also be able to solve problems encountered, such as positioning and uneven ground.

3.  Cleanliness and Hygiene

Let’s face it. Most people are hesitant when it comes to using a porta-potty. 

Make sure that you find out what cleaning and servicing services are provided by the rental company if any. Are the restocking of toilet paper and paper towels included? Are there cleaners to disinfect and clean during the rental period?

This is the easiest way to ensure that your porta-potty is in the best hygienic condition possible and if your needs are being met by the frequency of restocking and cleaning. 

4.  Service Response Time

Most events occur at night, over holidays or weekends. You must find out what the potty-rental company’s service response time is should there be an emergency.

It is a good idea to get a ‘one on one’ customer relation person you can be in contact with at the drop of a hat, should any emergency occur.

5.  Determine Your Needs

You know how many people attending your event or working at your construction site.  But, do you know how many porta-potties you will need or even what type of toiles?  An experienced company will discuss the different factors with you. These factors could influence the number of porta-potties needed:

  • The type of event
  • The length of rental time
  • The weather
  • The length of your event
  • The number of people using the porta-potty rental
  • The nearest toilets 
  • The logistics
  • The different types of portable toilets
  • The best place for your porta-potties
  • Hygiene

Discussing the above factors with your porta-potty rental company is very important. 

6.  What Type of Porta Potty to Choose

There are different features in portable toilets you can choose, depending on the type of event and your porta-potty visitors.

Some of the features you may want to include in your rental will be:

  • Hand Washing stations
  • Lighting
  • If your event is more luxurious, you could consider a porta-potty with extra space and wooden floors, and opulent features.

7.  Preparation of the Porta Potty Site

It is important to know where to place your porta-potties. Measurements must be taken of the area where the porta-potties will be placed. This is to make sure you can fit the optimal amount of porta-potties. 

You also have to find the best solid ground which is set away from the major area of the event. 

Here are some factors to take into consideration to ensure that your rental goes off without a hitch.

  • Place the porta-potty on level ground
  • It would be better to take into consideration not placing the porta-potties upwind
  • Find the best position to place the porta-potty normally sticking to the sides of the event 
  • For easy access place the porta-potties in multiple locations, this will give people a choice and easy access
  • Make sure delivery vehicles have easy access 
  • Place porta-potties in secure and well-lit areas to prevent any accidents

Let’s Wrap Up

Portable toilets are becoming a common sight at construction sites as well as events as they fill an important need in society.

For any event, a porta potty rental is the best choice. Additionally, porta potties are weather friendly and can be quickly transported from one point to another.

A porta-potty rental is one of the best things ‘money can buy’ for your construction site, business expos, and events.

Let us help you with your porta-potty rental needs.  Contact us for more information.


Restroom Trailer vs. Porta Potty: Which Is Right for You?

Restroom Trailer vs. Porta Potty: Which Is Right for You?

Portable toilets first came into use in the 1940s. Since then, they’ve constantly improved.

There are different types that have different capabilities. They can also be customized to fit your event perfectly.

When it comes to choosing a restroom trailer or porta-potty, you should know all the dirty details. What you’ll learn is that these two options are actually both very sanitary.

Ready to dig into the world of outdoor bathrooms? By the end of this article, you’ll know which one to choose for your needs.

Restroom Trailer vs. Porta-Potty: What’s the Difference?

Both outdoor bathrooms are there for the same reason, but they have many differences.

A porta-potty is the most basic of the two options. They are singular stalls that accommodate only one person. Inside, you’ll typically find one toilet and not much room for anything else.

Most of the time, the porta-potty lacks many features of a true bathroom. This includes the ability to flush, the lack of a sink for handwashing and lights.

However, it is possible to add these features if needed. It’s also possible to upgrade to other porta-potty units that offer these features too.

A restroom trailer is often more advanced and gives the feel of an indoor public bathroom. Rather than only having one stall, this type of restroom usually has two or more.

These restrooms can be unisex or divided however you like.

They also come standard with many features that a porta-potty doesn’t. Mirrors, sinks, and lights are just a few of the features that this type of bathroom has to offer. They’re usually climate controlled as well.

If comfort is your main priority, a restroom trailer will provide all this and more.

What Should I Consider When Choosing?

Before picking a type of portable restroom for your event, you should carefully consider your needs. Depending on where you’ll be using the restroom and what event it is for, your needs may change.

Think about all these questions before settling on one to be sure that you made the right choice.

Who Will be Using the Unit?

You may have different needs depending on who the unit is for.

Are you looking for a portable restroom for your employees on a job site? If so, they may not need all the bells and whistles that come with a restroom trailer. A toilet and a sink may be all that’s needed in this case.

In the case that you’re looking for a portable restroom for an event such as a wedding, you might need more features. Guests may need to touch up their makeup or fix their tie in the mirror. It can feel a bit more luxurious than a porta-potty.

On the job site, it may be more practical to use a porta-potty. For special events, a restroom trailer might be in order.

Where Will the Portable Restroom Be Located?

Space can play a large part in which option is right for you.

If you’re having a gathering like a backyard barbeque, you may not have much space for a bathroom trailer. A porta-potty may fit perfectly in your backyard.

On a job site or at a festival, you might have the room for a bathroom trailer. Usually, these areas allow for much more space to be used.

It’s a good idea to have a look at the space that you have before determining which type is best for your needs.

How Many People Will Be Using the Unit?

Both types of bathrooms offer advantages here. You can have multiple porta-potty units installed, or a restroom trailer or two if needed. In this case, you would be able to accommodate everyone who might need to use them.

We also have a tool that can help you determine how many portable restrooms you need for your crowd size.

You can also think about having many locations on-site for the restrooms. Porta-potty units can be placed in different areas around the site easily. Portable restroom units could be too, but keep in mind that there are multiple stalls within them.

How Comfortable Should the Restroom Be?

If you’re having an event, comfort should be one of your top priorities. For other uses, you might put more importance on function.

When looking at a restroom trailer vs. porta-potty, it’s easy to see that a restroom trailer provides more comfort. However, a porta-potty is all about function.

If your guests or workers aren’t going to be spending much time in the restroom, a porta-potty might work for you. If they are, then you might need the comfort of a restroom trailer.

What is Your Budget?

Another important thing to consider when looking into portable bathrooms is your budget. This might differ depending on the type of event or purpose you need them for.

Porta-potty units are usually cheaper than restroom trailers, but it can be pricy if you need many of them. Porta-potty units with more features will also cost you more.

The restroom trailers have more toilets in them, but they are more expensive. The price also depends on the size of the model. They also come with many more features than your average porta-potty.

Which One Is Right for Me?

If you’ve answered all the questions above, then you’ll have a good idea of which type of portable bathroom is right for you. Both the restroom trailer and the porta-potty have their advantages and disadvantages. The trick is to find the one that will satisfy your guests or employees.

At Plummers Disposal Service, we have restroom trailers and porta-potty units available. We have basic porta-potty units and units equipped with extra features as well. Our restroom trailers also offer luxury on wheels in many different sizes.

If you’re looking for portable restroom solutions in Michigan, we can help you. Get a free quote for your event today!