The Benefits of Luxury Porta Potty Rental

Sep 21, 2023 | Porta Potty

Event planning is a multi-million dollar industry. That is because it takes a great deal of knowledge and expertise to do it well.

A seasoned event planner knows that any occasion relies on the right equipment to make it a success. This includes bathroom facilities.

While basic porta johns may suffice most of the time, some events and projects could greatly benefit from a luxury porta potty. Many people are unaware of the comfort, privacy, and amenities these can afford.

If you are investigating the best porta potties for your event, keep reading. The information below lays out the many benefits of luxury porta johns and explains why you might consider using them.

What Is a Luxury Porta John?

Luxury porta johns are portable bathrooms that are larger than typical porta potties. They resemble trailers and come in a range of sizes.

Another thing that sets them apart is that luxury porta potties have running water. This provides flushing and hand-washing capabilities, included within the unit.

They also can have other amenities. These include things like wooden or tile floors, and air conditioning and heat.

What Are the Advantages of a Luxury Porta Potty?

There are many benefits to renting a luxury porta potty for your event. Here are a few of the main ones to consider.

Cleaner Environment

Luxury porta johns function closer to regular bathrooms. This helps reduce allergens and waste.

With luxury portable restrooms, you do have to rely on harsh chemicals that are common in regular porta potties. It means you get a cleaner, more enjoyable space for guests to use.

Completely Enclosed

This goes for the guests walking by the bathrooms as well as the ones using them. Standard porta johns, by their nature, need to be well-ventilated to let odors escape. This means that anyone in the vicinity might detect the unpleasant scents.

Luxury porta potties are completely enclosed. Odors stay inside, rather than dispersing throughout your event space.

Increased Size

Porta potties have notoriously small spaces. This can make it difficult to move around and adds to the stress and discomfort of using an outdoor restroom. A luxury porta potty eliminates this inconvenience.

Also, since they are designed to accommodate more than one person at once, it can help you avoid long lines from bottlenecks at the event. This too can free you up to invite more guests or allow more attendees at the event, without worrying about being able to accommodate their bathroom needs.

Better Lighting

Guests using standard porta johns rely on external lighting from your event to see. This can be challenging, especially if it is at night or in the early morning.

Often, guests may find themselves relying on the light on their phones to see. This can end badly if they end up dropping the phone.

Luxury porta potties come with built-in lighting inside and out. This can help your guests find and access the facilities, and make them more comfortable while doing so.

Easier Setup

Luxury restrooms consolidate several toilets and accompanying features (like hand-washing stations) into a single trailer. This can be much easier to maneuver and set up than many individual porta johns. It can save you and your staff a lot of time and hassle in getting the right configuration for your bathroom area.

Increased Stability

Luxury porta potties offer better stability. They are sturdier structures than standard porta potties, which can be shaky and even at risk of tipping over if used on uneven surfaces. Bathroom trailers create a stable, even surface for your guests to use during the event.

Climate Control

This can be a welcomed addition for people either working or attending an outdoor event in extreme temperatures. Climate control gives them a chance to get out of the heat or cold and use the restroom in comfort. It also can help stifle unpleasant odors that are typical in unregulated porta johns that have been sitting in the hot sun all day.


Customization is another major benefit of luxury porta johns. You can request light fixtures or themes that help contribute to the ambiance of your event. You might add full-length mirrors or stone countertops, which are not achievable with standard porta johns.

Many luxury porta johns come with extra storage, including refrigerators and freezers. This can be a big plus for events that have limited space or otherwise do not have access to refrigeration on-site.


Porta johns are appropriate for outdoor events and work sites. For other events, like weddings, outdoor meals, or other more intimate gatherings, they may not be the right fit. Besides being less comfortable and convenient (as shown above), standard porta potties are unsightly.

Replacing them with a luxury portable bathroom can add a level of elegance to your event. They will function and look much better than standard porta potties.

Budget Friendly

You might assume that having luxury porta potties at your event might be much more expensive than regular porta johns. In general, you can expect to pay a bit more per facility, but luxury restrooms may be more economical than you think.

Since, as mentioned, luxury porta johns combine multiple toilets and other amenities into a single trailer, they can be much easier to transport and set up. This can help save on labor costs, especially compared to having to set up numerous (even dozens) of individual porta johns.

Of course, the price difference will depend on the type of event, the number of guests, and the add-on features you select. A qualified porta potty rental company can advise you on what options are available based on your event needs and your budget.

Rent Porta Potties for Your Event or Project

Now that you understand the benefits of luxury porta potty, you can determine if it’s the right option for your event or gathering. They can bring an added level of luxury and provide a more comfortable, clean environment for you and your guests.

Plummers Disposal is a porta potty rental company that carries a range of options, including luxury restrooms. We also offer everything else you might need to go along with the porta johns, such as handwash sinks. Reach out to us today to schedule a rental.

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