Restroom Trailer vs. Porta Potty: Which Is Right for You?

Restroom Trailer vs. Porta Potty: Which Is Right for You?

Portable toilets first came into use in the 1940s. Since then, they’ve constantly improved.

There are different types that have different capabilities. They can also be customized to fit your event perfectly.

When it comes to choosing a restroom trailer or porta-potty, you should know all the dirty details. What you’ll learn is that these two options are actually both very sanitary.

Ready to dig into the world of outdoor bathrooms? By the end of this article, you’ll know which one to choose for your needs.

Restroom Trailer vs. Porta-Potty: What’s the Difference?

Both outdoor bathrooms are there for the same reason, but they have many differences.

A porta-potty is the most basic of the two options. They are singular stalls that accommodate only one person. Inside, you’ll typically find one toilet and not much room for anything else.

Most of the time, the porta-potty lacks many features of a true bathroom. This includes the ability to flush, the lack of a sink for handwashing and lights.

However, it is possible to add these features if needed. It’s also possible to upgrade to other porta-potty units that offer these features too.

A restroom trailer is often more advanced and gives the feel of an indoor public bathroom. Rather than only having one stall, this type of restroom usually has two or more.

These restrooms can be unisex or divided however you like.

They also come standard with many features that a porta-potty doesn’t. Mirrors, sinks, and lights are just a few of the features that this type of bathroom has to offer. They’re usually climate controlled as well.

If comfort is your main priority, a restroom trailer will provide all this and more.

What Should I Consider When Choosing?

Before picking a type of portable restroom for your event, you should carefully consider your needs. Depending on where you’ll be using the restroom and what event it is for, your needs may change.

Think about all these questions before settling on one to be sure that you made the right choice.

Who Will be Using the Unit?

You may have different needs depending on who the unit is for.

Are you looking for a portable restroom for your employees on a job site? If so, they may not need all the bells and whistles that come with a restroom trailer. A toilet and a sink may be all that’s needed in this case.

In the case that you’re looking for a portable restroom for an event such as a wedding, you might need more features. Guests may need to touch up their makeup or fix their tie in the mirror. It can feel a bit more luxurious than a porta-potty.

On the job site, it may be more practical to use a porta-potty. For special events, a restroom trailer might be in order.

Where Will the Portable Restroom Be Located?

Space can play a large part in which option is right for you.

If you’re having a gathering like a backyard barbeque, you may not have much space for a bathroom trailer. A porta-potty may fit perfectly in your backyard.

On a job site or at a festival, you might have the room for a bathroom trailer. Usually, these areas allow for much more space to be used.

It’s a good idea to have a look at the space that you have before determining which type is best for your needs.

How Many People Will Be Using the Unit?

Both types of bathrooms offer advantages here. You can have multiple porta-potty units installed, or a restroom trailer or two if needed. In this case, you would be able to accommodate everyone who might need to use them.

We also have a tool that can help you determine how many portable restrooms you need for your crowd size.

You can also think about having many locations on-site for the restrooms. Porta-potty units can be placed in different areas around the site easily. Portable restroom units could be too, but keep in mind that there are multiple stalls within them.

How Comfortable Should the Restroom Be?

If you’re having an event, comfort should be one of your top priorities. For other uses, you might put more importance on function.

When looking at a restroom trailer vs. porta-potty, it’s easy to see that a restroom trailer provides more comfort. However, a porta-potty is all about function.

If your guests or workers aren’t going to be spending much time in the restroom, a porta-potty might work for you. If they are, then you might need the comfort of a restroom trailer.

What is Your Budget?

Another important thing to consider when looking into portable bathrooms is your budget. This might differ depending on the type of event or purpose you need them for.

Porta-potty units are usually cheaper than restroom trailers, but it can be pricy if you need many of them. Porta-potty units with more features will also cost you more.

The restroom trailers have more toilets in them, but they are more expensive. The price also depends on the size of the model. They also come with many more features than your average porta-potty.

Which One Is Right for Me?

If you’ve answered all the questions above, then you’ll have a good idea of which type of portable bathroom is right for you. Both the restroom trailer and the porta-potty have their advantages and disadvantages. The trick is to find the one that will satisfy your guests or employees.

At Plummers Disposal Service, we have restroom trailers and porta-potty units available. We have basic porta-potty units and units equipped with extra features as well. Our restroom trailers also offer luxury on wheels in many different sizes.

If you’re looking for portable restroom solutions in Michigan, we can help you. Get a free quote for your event today!

7 Best Events to Rent a Bathroom Trailer For

7 Best Events to Rent a Bathroom Trailer For

Whether you’re hosting a small concert event, a family gathering, or any other outdoor event, you need to make sure your guests are comfortable. While many people planning parties focus first on food, drinks, and music, you also need to consider bathroom facilities. When your guests need to use the bathroom, you want to ensure they’re comfortable doing so, which is hard to do with a plastic porta-potty. Why not impress them with a luxury portable bathroom trailer?

These portable restrooms look and feel just like traditional bathrooms.

Learn more about the best events for renting a bathroom trailer and discover their many benefits.

1. Weddings

When choosing a venue for your wedding, you have to weigh the pros and cons of indoor vs. outdoor locations. Outdoor venues have many benefits, such as fresh air and beautiful views, but you may have worried about the bathroom facilities.

Maybe there isn’t a convenient restroom close enough for your guests, for instance. If you have a lot of guests attending, you may have worried about long lines at the porta-potty.

Portable bathroom trailers are easier on the eyes, and guests can feel comfortable going in and using them since they look like traditional bathrooms. There’s no need to worry about getting your formal wear dirty in a tiny, cramped bathroom space.

Plus, you can get them in various sizes to accommodate the number of guests you’re entertaining.

2. Family Gatherings

You can host your family reunion anywhere in the world, and some of the best places to do so are outdoors in nature. If you do plan on heading off the beaten path for the event, you’ll want to ensure your family members have somewhere to use the bathroom when the urge hits.

Family reunions also often mean lots of children will be there, and a porta-potty isn’t always the easiest to manage for parents with young kids.

Renting a portable bathroom trailer provides your family with another option.

3. Graduation Parties

Graduating from high school is a major accomplishment in any teenager’s life, and graduation parties are one way to celebrate that. As long as you follow graduation party etiquette and plan well in advance, these parties are likely to be one event your teens will remember forever.

Not everyone wants people walking through their house to use the bathroom, though. And depending on the location of the party, there might not even be a restroom nearby.

You can fix that with a conveniently located portable bathroom trailer.

4. Picnics and Block Parties

Picnics and cookouts are one of the staples of summer. There’s nothing quite like eating outside, listening to music, and enjoying the company of family and friends at the park, the beach, or wherever.

However, much like with other types of parties, you need a place for guests to use the bathroom if there isn’t a public restroom nearby.

If you’re planning on inviting a lot of people or hosting a block party for your community, a bathroom trailer with multiple stalls is a great idea. That way, guests don’t have to leave early or wander off in search of a bathroom in the middle of the event.

5. Concerts

If you’ve ever attended a concert either indoors or outdoors, you’ve probably noticed the long lines for the bathroom. Portable toilets are common at these events, but a porta-potty only has one stall. You can rent a bunch of them, but many people dread using them and may avoid the event altogether if there isn’t another option.

If you’re planning on hosting an outdoor concert but there aren’t any public facilities nearby, renting a bathroom trailer can make the planning process much easier. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, bathroom trailers are much easier for parents with young children to use.

When marketing the event, you can even mention the luxury facilities.

6. Festivals

Fairs and festivals are great fun for the whole family until someone has to use the bathroom. Much like with concerts, there are often long lines for the portable toilets at festivals.

If you’re planning on hosting a summer festival, you’ll have to plan the bathroom situation well in advance.

Since you’re expecting lots of children, you’ll want to consider family-friendly options. It’s easier for parents with young children to help them in a bathroom trailer rather than a smaller porta-potty.

Another of the benefits of bathroom trailers is that they can hold multiple stalls, so you can accommodate more guests at once.

7. Private Parties

If you’re hosting an upscale private party or a work event, you want the bathrooms to match the vibe of your party. After all, you want to give your guests the right impression and keep things professional.

Portable bathroom trailers are a classier alternative to a porta-potty, making them perfect for corporate events. They have flushable toilets and sinks, plus they’re well-lit, making them safer for use at night.

They’re also ideal for fundraisers and outdoor galas. If you’re planning on hosting an upscale event, you should make sure the bathrooms are a good fit for both the event and your guests.

Rent a Bathroom Trailer for Your Next Event

Are you planning a party or a large event soon? If so, you’ll want to offer the right type of bathroom facilities for your guests.

Regardless of the type of event, a bathroom trailer is a super convenient and upscale alternative to other portable toilets. You can place them almost anywhere, and use them for any event.

The ideas we listed here are just a few of the many events that would benefit from a bathroom trailer.

Do you have questions about renting a bathroom trailer? Need to know the correct size to order? Reach out to us with any questions you have, and request a quote to learn more.

4 Ways Bathroom Trailers Are Essential During a Pandemic

4 Ways Bathroom Trailers Are Essential During a Pandemic

Did you know there are nearly four million serviced portable bathrooms around the world? Most of them are in the U.S. and surrounding areas.

Portable bathroom trailers are growing in popularity, especially among businesses and individuals looking to spend more time outdoors after the initial pandemic. People are more likely to spend time outdoors with a simple bathroom option.

Below are just a few ways that bathroom trailers are essential during a pandemic!

Portable Bathrooms Make Socially Distancing Easier

When you’re expecting to use the bathroom quickly and peacefully, the last thing you want is to be cramped up in a smelly port-a-potty.

One major downside of social distancing is the closure of many businesses’ bathrooms. There are very few public restrooms in the city, and those in parks or recreational areas tend to get less attention in terms of sanitation.

Public spaces aren’t the only places lacking reliable restroom options. People who once relied on their favorite coffee shop or brunch spot for a respite from the daily grind may no longer be able to use their bathrooms. Even if patrons can use a bathroom, they may not be able to do so while social distancing.

Bodily needs don’t take a break, even during a pandemic. Even after virus concerns fade, people need a way to wash their hands to avoid spreading germs.

If your bathroom is too small for distancing or you just want to avoid lines of people filling the hallway, it might be time to rent a portable bathroom. You’ll love how surprisingly spacious a bathroom trailer can be!

Patrons will appreciate the outdoor option for many reasons. It’s easier to keep your indoor space clean when bathroom traffic is moved outdoors, and people aren’t scared off by the lack of options.

Your patrons will enjoy the various amenities, as well. Bathrooms come pre-stocked with quality soap and paper towels so you don’t have to worry about running out of anything.

Bathroom Trailers: Great for Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Outdoor activities are a great way to spend time together without worrying about large crowds.

Hiking is one activity many families enjoy doing together. After a long day of physical activity, you may not want to use a hot, smelly outhouse. You definitely won’t want to dig cat holes every time someone needs to go.

With more people on the trails than ever before, even the more rugged types may struggle to find privacy to relieve themselves. Even worse, you may have to drive out of the way to find a public bathroom.

Picnics are another common scenario for groups who would normally hang out indoors. If you’re staying hydrated, you’ll also want a place to use the bathroom without disrupting the group.

Family outings become a hassle when you can’t easily use the restroom. Families don’t want to take the kids to the park or farmer’s market, only to have them complain about needing to use the restroom as soon as they unbuckle.

Bathroom trailer rentals allow several people to use the bathroom, wash hands or faces, and cool off without stepping on toes. We include multiple toilets with privacy barriers, including trailers with separate men’s rooms and women’s rooms.

Portable Bathroom Trailer Rentals Can Save Your Annual Camping Trip

Another popular scenario: the family camping trip. With little else to do during the summer, families that normally stay indoors are becoming more adventurous. Parks are doing their best to meet the growing needs of families and individuals spending time outdoors.

The longer you spend time outdoors, the more important it is that you have access to proper hygiene. That aunt with food sensitivities may not want to hike through the entire campsite to use the restroom.

Safety is also an important factor when using public restrooms. You might worry about the kiddos taking the long trip at night to the bathroom alone. You may just want a little convenience (or privacy) when all that grilled food settles.

You will already spend some time finding the right campsite, stocking up on food, and checking tent gear, so why not double-check that bathroom sitch?

You don’t have to worry about outdated plumbing with bathroom trailer rentals. Each trailer is fitted with flushing toilets and stainless steel sinks. Luxury bathroom trailers come with the kind of amenities that you might find in a nice hotel bathroom.

Working Outdoors Is Easier with Portable Trailers

If your job involves more outdoor work than before, you may not have access to regular bathrooms. Some port-a-pottys simply aren’t up to standard. They also can be extremely uncomfortable in hot or cold weather with the lack of temperature regulation.

Working on-the-go shouldn’t mean sacrificing comfort. Portable bathrooms allow people to relieve themselves without worrying about when (or where) they will be able to go. The trailers are completely clean and empty upon arrival and stay clean longer than public bathrooms.

Renovating a new home? Trailers come in multiple sizes for larger or smaller groups. Even if everyone breaks for lunch at the same time, they’ll be able to use the bathroom without standing in line or wasting company time.

Every time a trailer is returned, it’s cleaned and sanitized per current regulation standards. This process ensures the safety of use every time!

Bathrooms That Meet Your Needs

Whether you’re having a family picnic at a park, a day working outdoors, or housing family for a special event, you no longer have to resort to old, dirty bathrooms. Our bathroom trailers are sleek and compact without sacrificing comfort.

Check one more thing off your safety list with a restroom you can rely on. Check out our supply of rentals for more portable bathroom options!

Bathroom Break: How to Rent a Portable Bathroom Trailer Like a Pro

Bathroom Break: How to Rent a Portable Bathroom Trailer Like a Pro

Have you ever considered renting a portable bathroom trailer? If not, read on to find out how to rent a portable bathroom trailer like a pro!

When you host large outdoor events, you’re going to attract a large crowd of people. And those people are going to need to use the bathroom sooner or later while they’re around.

That’s all fine and dandy…until you realize you forgot to order the portable bathrooms. Now you’ve become the host of really angry guests who most likely won’t be back next year.

You can avoid all of this drama by getting a portable bathroom trailer well in advance. You’ll be able to get your portable bathrooms, move them to the location of your choosing, and remove them when the party is over, all in a snap.

So, what does it take to rent out a bathroom trailer? We’re glad that you asked. This article will tell you what you need to do in order to get the trailer you need and make the gathering a success. Keep reading to learn more!

To Rent the Right Portable Bathroom Trailer, Think About Space

When it comes to getting the right trailer for your needs, it starts by knowing your location.

Most renters believe that by hosting an event, the best thing to do is to simply rent the biggest bathroom trailer available. In theory, this may sound okay, but in practice, you may not be able to pull it off the way you had hoped.

First, you need to crunch the numbers. How many people do you expect to be at this gathering? Obviously, the more people you have at the event, the more you will be needing to use the bathroom.

Another thing you will want to factor is the actual space of the event. How much room do you have to work with at the event? Bigger events allow you to get a wider range of trailers to choose from, while smaller events mean you have to be more selective.

It’s All in the Details

Remember the portable bathrooms of the past that had a narrow plastic toilette and a pump bottle of germ killer on the side? We’ve come a long way from our past, and it shows in the details of the bathroom trailers.

All portable bathroom trailers look amazing, but there are still tiers to the types of trailers you can get. The higher up in tiers you go, the more luxuries you get with the bathroom experience.

The lowest tier covers the essentials of bathroom needs while still keeping a classy appearance. Lower tier options also tend to be compact, but still offer more than enough space to take care of your needs comfortably.

As the trailer tiers go up, they continue to upgrade in the number of luxuries they have. restroom spaces become wider, washing areas are more refined, and there may even be exquisite toiletries for your guests to use.

By the time you get to the top tier, your portable trailer can occupy multiple male and female users. The visual appeal is at its height, with state of the art stalls, decorative wooden walls and floors, and an expensive lighting display.

If you are just hosting a simple outdoor party, going for a lower model would be a more effective use of money. However, if you’re dealing with an outdoor wedding or some other exquisite event, a higher tier model is the way to go.

Know the Length of Your Rent

It also helps to know how long you plan on renting the bathroom trailer. Knowing how long you’ll need to use the trailer is a big help in deciding which trailer is right for you.

Of course, when it comes to renting, every day you rent is another day you have to pay. With the more luxurious trailers, you will, of course, have a higher price tag to pay.

Getting a lower-tier option is the best way to go when renting for an extended period of time, as they still offer the necessary accommodations and a classy touch for a good price.

Higher-tier options are best suited for situations where you’re only hosting an even for one or two days, and you want to make the guests happy while taking care of their needs.

Plan for the Road Ahead

Some people rent portable trailers for a road trip, or for a lengthy drive to their next destination. If this is something you’re thinking about doing, then there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Certain factors such as the size of the travel crew, the duration on the road, and the density of the area where you’ll be driving should all be considered before you rent your portable bathroom.

In most cases, when you’re driving for long periods or in tight road conditions, a compact trailer is recommended. If you’re carrying a crowd with you, you’ll probably want to consider renting one of the higher-end bathrooms.

Clearly, the type of portable bathroom is about more than what you want to use at your event; it also depends on where you are, what the event is, and how much you have to spend on the rental. Make sure to keep these factors in mind when you rent your next trailer!

We Have the Bathrooms You Need

Now that you know how to rent a portable bathroom trailer, you need to know where to go in order to rent the bathroom trailers you need for the best price. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you do just that.

At Plummers Disposal Service, we make it our job to help manage and dispose of human waste so your life will become easier. We offer bathroom trailers, portable toilets (“porta potties”) commercial and residential dumpster services, and more.

Ready to get your rental? Give us a call or send us a message, and will be more than happy to talk. We look forward to helping your life become easier to manage one portable bathroom at a time!