9 Benefits of Renting Bathroom Trailers for Your Special Event

Jun 7, 2023 | Luxury Bathroom Trailer

Maybe you’re having a wedding in your yard? Perhaps you’re throwing the BBQ of the season? In any case, you’re putting on a special event. 

You’re still in the process of working out logistics and, right now, you’re focusing on restrooms. You could let your guests use the restrooms in your home. On the other hand, you could rent bathroom trailers for your guests to use. 

Curious about the benefits of renting a bathroom trailer? Then read on. Here are the advantages of renting portable bathrooms for your special event. 

1. Convenience for Guests

One of the biggest benefits of renting bathroom trailers for your event is that it offers convenience for your guests. Instead of having to walk into your home, or having to walk long distances to established restrooms, they’ll be able to walk a few feet away from your event area. 

You can put a luxury porta potty essentially anywhere. So, if you want it to be at the entrance of your get-together, you can put it there. If you want it to be in the back area of your get-together, you can put it there. 

You don’t have this freedom with other restroom solutions, and so can’t provide the same level of convenience to your guests with them. Only renting a porta potty trailer will give you convenience at this level. 

2. Sinks

You can simply opt for a standard porta potty. However, a porta potty lacks many of the amenities that you’ll get with a bathroom trailer. For instance, porta potties don’t come equipped with sinks. 

This, of course, means that your guests can’t wash their hands after they’ve used the restroom. Sure, there will be sanitizer available. However, this doesn’t compare to soap and water. 

And if you’re putting on a classy event like a wedding, guests are going to want to wash their hands thoroughly. Therefore, when it comes to portable restroom solutions, only a bathroom trailer will do. 

3. High-end Decor

Another feature provided by bathroom trailers that you won’t get with porta potties is high-end decor. The interiors of bathroom trailers sport modern and attractive aesthetics. This includes stone countertops, vinyl flooring, painted drywall walls, decorative plants and more. 

This decor lends itself much more to a big event than does the plastic interior of a standard porta potty. 

4. Climate Control

You might be surprised to learn that bathroom trailers also provide climate control. In other words, they’re equipped with heat and AC and can be conditioned to take on any temperature you like, regardless of the weather conditions outside. 

This can be hugely beneficial in the event that the weather doesn’t cooperate. And it’s certainly not a feature offered in a standard porta potty. 

5. Trash Receptacles

Standard porta potties don’t come equipped with trash receptacles. Therefore, if you use them, you have to put trash receptacles outside of them. This can drag down the aesthetic of the area, and can also result in increased littering. 

Bathroom trailers, on the other hand, include hidden trash receptacles in their interiors. As such, they negate the need for exterior adjacent trash cans, thereby improving the look of the bathroom area at the event. 

So, if you want trash receptacles in the bathrooms for your guests, rent out bathroom trailers. 

6. Mirrors

Another feature offered by bathroom trailers that porta potties don’t offer is a mirror. Bathroom trailers are equipped with full-size mirrors, and thus allow their users to see their reflection after using the lavatory. 

This is vital at classy events like weddings, as it enables guests to adjust their hair, makeup, clothing, and otherwise. Without mirrors present, they’ll essentially just be shooting in the wind. 

7. Lighting

The majority of porta potties don’t come equipped with lighting. As such, they can be difficult to use at night. Bathroom trailers, on the other hand, are equipped with ample lighting and therefore offer substantial illumination regardless of the time of day. 

In fact, when you walk into a bathroom trailer unit, you’ll essentially feel like you’re in an established restroom. It’s aesthetically and functionally identical to a legitimate bathroom. 

The only difference, of course, is that you can put it anywhere. This makes it great for outdoor and classy events. 

8. Flushing Toilets

As you well know, porta potties don’t possess the ability to flush. They hold their contents within themselves until they are emptied the next day. The issue with this is that it results in unpleasant odors. 

Bathroom trailers, conversely, come with flushing toilets. This way, the contents of the toilet can be fully evacuated after each use. This creates a better-smelling and more sanitary experience for all users and thus lends itself to high-end events. 

9. Speakers/Music Capabilities

The last benefit of bathroom trailers is that they’re equipped with speakers. As such, they have the ability to play music for those that are using them. 

These speakers are equipped not only with FM radio but with Bluetooth capabilities as well. Therefore, regardless of the type of music you want to play into them, you can be accommodated. You just need to hook up your desired device. 

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