Bathroom Trailer for Rent! How to Improve Special Occasions With a Luxury Porta Potty

Aug 8, 2022 | Luxury Bathroom Trailer

If you’re throwing any sort of large, outdoor event, one logistical issue you are likely facing is the bathroom situation.

Your guests and attendees will need to use the bathroom during your event, but no one likes using regular porta-potties. Even when they are cleaned on a regular basis, they are still not high-class, and their look and inclusion may bring the overall quality of your event way down.

You need another solution to this problem. One of the best solutions out for a high-end or even mid-level event is renting a luxury bathroom trailer. 

Finding a luxury bathroom trailer for rent is simple. Many companies offer these to event planners and individuals. These trailers are delivered to your location and will be set up for you. They are well-lit, spacious, and clean. Although they are temporary, portable structures, they feel more like a real bathroom than a porta-potty. Your guests will thank you for this upgrade.

If you’re interested in renting a portable bathroom trailer for your event, read on to learn more about these structures. 

Bathroom Trailer for Rent: Many Benefits

There are so many benefits to renting a portable bathroom trailer. Many event planners turn to porta potty rental for their event, but its clear to see the major differences between the two if you have ever used both. Once you try a luxury bathroom trailer for rent, you’ll never go back to regular porta potties.

1. Flushable Toilets

Portable bathroom trailers don’t smell because they feature flushable toilets. If you’ve ever used a porta potty, then you know they are similar to traditional outhouses; the waste goes into the bottom of the container and stays there until it is emptied. In the meantime, the smell escapes and everyone using it after the first few people suffers.

Portable bathroom trailers are equipped with flushing toilets. The waste still goes into the bottom of the trailer for removal later on, but due to the flushing mechanism, the collection area is closed off and no smell escapes. Furthermore, water is added to the toilet after each flush, keeping the toilet clean and fresh for the next user.

2. Running Water

Another thing that portable bathroom trailers have that standard porta potties do not is running water. In fact, your guests will be able to use a normal sink to wash their hands after using the restroom. Porta potties sometimes come with outdoor sinks or sanitizing stations, but nothing beats a real sink with water, soap, and paper towels.

3. Lighting

If you’ve ever used a regular porta potty in after the sun goes down, then you know what a nightmare the darkness can be. You never know what you’ll find when you open that porta potty door. In a bathroom trailer for rent, on the other hand, you’ll find a well-lit area for using the toilet and freshening up afterward. These trailers are connected to electricity so lights can run and light your space as late as your even goes.

4. Climate Control

Another great thing about portable bathroom trailers is that they have both heat and air conditioning. You can set a temperature for the interior and thanks to the HVAC system in each trailer, your guests will be comfortable regardless of the temperature outdoors. This is great for hot summer days and cold nights for any event you offer.

Portable bathroom trailers can even be used in the wintertime. No one wants to use the toilet in freezing cold weather, but if you set the heating to room temperature, your guests will be happy and warm while they do their business.

5. Great for Families

If your event will include families, then a portable bathroom trailer is a major upgrade over a regular porta potty for them. When parents need to help their little ones use the toilet, or if they need to change diapers, these tasks are nearly impossible in the small space offered by a porta potty. On the other hand, portable bathroom trailers offer much greater space, light, and facilities to make helping children use the bathroom a breeze.

6. Streamlined Waiting

When you have a number of porta potties in a row, the lines for them can become long and unruly. A portable bathroom trailer has a built-in space for guests to wait in line to use the restroom, and also allows guests to exit out a second door to keep traffic moving. This can make waiting a lot less painful for your guests and they’ll appreciate the easier traffic pattern as well.

Best Events for Luxury Bathroom Trailer Rentals

There are so many events that are perfect opportunities for renting a luxury bathroom trailer rental. Many people choose these as the bathroom option for outdoor weddings; they are much classier than regular porta potties and give people a place to freshen up during the event. 

These bathrooms are also great for concerts. Many live music events do not have enough bathrooms for all the attendees, and even when they do, they get dirty and unusable quickly. A luxury bathroom trailer rental will be a major upgrade for concertgoers that they will greatly appreciate. 

Are you putting on a sporting event? Luxury bathroom trailer rentals are also a great option for these types of events. Because they are useful for people of all ages, a bathroom trailer will be used and enjoyed by all. 

Rent a Luxury Bathroom Trailer Today

Are you ready to try a bathroom trailer for rent? What are you waiting for? As you can see, this is a clear upgrade from the other bathroom options available for your event, and your guests and attendees will thank you for it. 

If you’re looking for a portable bathroom trailer for rent in the Grand Rapids area, please give us a call. We are excited to make your event the best that it can be.

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