What’s a Good Porta Potty per Person Ratio?

Aug 6, 2023 | Luxury Bathroom Trailer

Did you know that 52% of Americans travel during the summer months? Some of these travellers might be heading to an event that you’re hosting. And that means you’ll need to provide adequate bathroom facilities to serve their needs. 

Whether you’re in charge of a festival or workplace site, porta potty rentals should be at the top of your to-do list. Read on to learn how many porta potties per person you should plan on reserving!

How Many People Are There?

The number of people you’re hosting or overseeing will impact the number of portable restrooms you should rent. For events, there are no set requirements. But for workplace situations, you’ll need to pay attention to OSHA’s mandates.

For worksites, you’ll need at least one porta potty present to meet the OSHA sanitation standard if you have over 20 people. From there, the number of porta potties needed increases. If you have 160 employees at a worksite, for instance, you’ll need to have at least four urinals and toilets. 

Pay attention to OSHA standards to ensure your complying. And make sure you stay on top of keeping your portable restrooms clean.

For other types of social events, you should plan on having one porta potty per 25 to 75 guests. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, look at your guest list and consider what restrooms are already available at the venue. You can help your budget by opting for fewer portable restrooms if built-in facilities exist. 

On the other hand, you will make your guests happier if you add a few extra toilets. Any event that tends toward being more formal should go with the one porta potty to 25 guests ratio. You can get away with fewer toilets for informal events.

Check the Length of Time

When you’re determining the number of portable restrooms necessary, consider how long an event lasts. Or consider how long you’ll be at a particular worksite. The duration of time can impact how many restrooms to rent. 

Events that exceed four hours will require more bathrooms. So, if you have a party that will last eight hours, you may want to double your numbers. This could mean going with four porta potties for an all-day family reunion of 100 people rather than two.

Events or worksites that stretch over several days also should have a few bonus restrooms. Heavier usage can translate to a higher chance of something going wrong. You’ll want the assurance of more restrooms.  

Additionally, ask about a porta potty cleaning service. Porta potties should be sanitized at least once a week. This process includes removing wastewater and cleaning the interior. 

At events where porta potties see heavy use, sanitization may need to be more frequent. Ideally, it can happen overnight for events that run all day. Check with your vendor to ensure that cleaning is included in your contract.

Consider the Type of Event or Site

Are you renting porta potties for a food festival, anniversary party, or construction site? The type of need will dictate how many porta potties you should reserve.

For music festivals and other informal events, aim for one porta potty per 50 people. Try to estimate attendance for your event. And if there is food involved, consider adding a few bonus porta potties.

Weddings and formal events should have a different ratio. Rent one porta potty per 25 people. If the event is a wedding reception or other celebration where alcohol is served, add a few bonus porta potties, too. And if women and children will be attending the event in higher numbers, increase your supply. 

Attendees will be drinking alcohol and more water to stay hydrated at events like weddings. As a result, you can count on more business at the porta potties and should plan on increasing the tally by 20%. Further, if any porta potties need to be declared out of order, you’ll want some extras available. 

Look into Special Porta Potty Options

For fancier events, you may want to upgrade your porta potty selection. At weddings, spring for a fancier luxury trailer that the wedding party can use. Guests with children or those needing to change clothes will appreciate the nicer trailer, too.

Luxury trailers are climate-controlled and typically feature luxury plank flooring, classier finishes, and ample lighting. They’re also more spacious and allow for personalization. For instance, you can add flowers, pictures, and other personal touches to tie in with your event. 

Look into renting handwashing stations, too. Especially if you opt for simpler porta potties, this can be a useful addition. You’ll help maintain a more sanitary environment and guests will appreciate it. 

As for other porta potty considerations, you’ll need to keep in mind Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. These guidelines are in place to create greater inclusivity for all users.

For example, you’ll want an ADA portable toilet for every 20 portable toilets at a job site or event. The toilet should be placed on level ground that is easy to access.

It’s important to include an accessible restroom to accommodate guests with different needs. Make sure that its entrance is not obstructed or difficult to find. And your porta potties should have ramp access and latch doors.

How Many Porta Potties Per Person Do You Need?

Are you still wondering, “How many porta potties per person should you rent?” The answer hinges on several factors, including the type of event and its duration. Also, determine whether you want luxury trailers or more functional portable restroom options. 

When you’re ready to find the best porta potty rental, contact us for help!

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