Outdoor Wedding Planning: How to Rent Portable Bathrooms

Jan 10, 2023 | Luxury Bathroom Trailer

Around the United States, people and institutions spend more than $2 billion yearly on portable toilet rental services.

Although this industry struggled like many others during the early days of the pandemic, it is now coming back strong. About 15,000 people work in the portable toilet rental market around the country.

When planning your outdoor wedding, making sure that you have the right portable bathrooms available is crucial.

Although some aspects of wedding planning can go wrong without having too serious of an effect, that is not the case when ensuring you have available bathrooms. But how can you find and rent portable bathrooms for your upcoming special day?

Read on to learn all about how to rent portable bathrooms!

Know Your Options for Porta-Potty Rentals

Some people skip calling a service that rents out bathroom trailers for weddings. However, there is a better chance you will find the services you need if you adopt a more careful approach.

The first thing to understand is your different options for portable bathroom rental. People with little experience in this industry are often not familiar with the choices available to them.

For example, you can rent out impressively sophisticated bathroom trailers. In some ways, these trailers allow you to provide an indoor bathroom experience no matter where you go outdoors. On top of that, some of these trailers come with a long list of extra amenities.

For example, such trailers are often capable of playing music. Others will come with outdoor lighting built into them. Trailers are also more likely to have flushing toilets and large beers.

On the other hand, some options do not provide all of these amenities. You can find simple Porta-Potty options as well. Even here, there is a lot of variety for you to consider.

For example, you may or may not want to rent a Porta-Potty accessible for disabled people. Porta-Potty rentals also set up and stay stationary, while others can be moved around on a small trailer.

Know What You Need for Wedding Bathrooms

The next thing to figure out is what you need from your portable bathroom rental service.

For this, you might want to review the location where you will hold your wedding. Next, you want to decide where to use your portable bathrooms. Finally, you will want to ensure they are not too close or far away from the main area.

Depending on what kind of portable bathroom you want, you might want to ensure that your location allows for such facilities. You will also need to know how many guests you will be provided with to decide how many portable bathrooms to rent.

Find the Right Option for Outdoor Wedding Bathrooms

Once you know all of this, you will be ready to consider your options for portable bathroom companies. No matter how well you choose which portable bathrooms you want, you may not get what you expect if you are not careful to work with a quality company.

Considering a variety of portable bathroom rental services will make it more likely that you will find the best option for your outdoor wedding. One easy way to find plenty of options is by looking around on a search engine. However, you might also want to speak with anyone you know who has had experience with portable bathroom rentals.

They may be able to change your mind about what kind of portable bathroom you want to rent. They may also be able to recommend a company for you to hire.

However, they may also be able to tell you about a company that you should avoid. If you can remove some candidates from your list of options, it will be easier to narrow your choices down to the correct portable bathroom rental service.

Sorting Through Your Options

Once you have your list of options, you can assess them by looking at their overall ratings online. If you have plenty of time, you might want to also read through the written reviews for all your options. However, if you’re going to make your selection faster, you can try the following.

Look only at overall ratings and remove some of your options with the poorest ratings. Then, read only a few reviews for each of your remaining options. As you do, note which ones sound like good candidates.

Then, go back to your best candidates and read as many reviews as you feel you need to. At that point, you should have a strong sense of which company seems the right one to hire.

Schedule With a Portable Bathrooms Service

You will want to call your top choice and schedule a rental for your outdoor wedding. If they are unavailable, you can return to one of your other leading candidates. You can confirm what you need and schedule the date if they are available.

This can also be an excellent time to talk with them about how you will manage to transport the portable bathrooms once the wedding is over. Then, as your wedding approaches, get in touch again and confirm when they will be arriving.

Know How to Rent Bathrooms for Your Outdoor Wedding

Planning a wedding is difficult enough, but getting ready for an outdoor wedding can be even more challenging. Knowing where to go and how to rent portable bathrooms for your outdoor wedding is more vital than almost anything else. Therefore, it is worth ensuring you find an exemplary service for this special day to rent toilets.

To learn more about finding the right portable bathrooms for your outdoor wedding, reach out and get in touch with us at any time!

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