Luxury Toilets: Making Events More Comfortable

Feb 10, 2023 | Luxury Bathroom Trailer

Are your outdoor events or gatherings in need of an upgrade? If so, you might want to consider investing in portable luxury toilets. These toilets offer users a superior level of comfort while still being highly convenient and easy to use. 

Having a nice-looking and comfortable bathroom option at an event can help keep attendees focused on having a great time rather than worrying about whether the bathrooms are up to par. They’re also a great way to demonstrate professionalism in some cases.

By taking advantage of what luxury portable toilets offer, you can make any event more enjoyable for everyone involved. Here’s what to know about luxury toilets, where to find them, and how much they cost to rent.

What Are Luxury Portable Toilets?

The perfect blend of convenience, luxury, and style, these luxury toilets bring a whole new meaning to luxury “on the go.” Unlike ordinary porta-potties, luxury portable restrooms boast air conditioning, music, flushing toilets, and sinks.

The bottom line? Portable luxury toilets are the perfect luxury addition to any outdoor event, especially in a place like Michigan. Whether you’re holding a family picnic in the park, a backyard wedding, or a family reunion near Grand Rapids, Byron Center, or Grandville, luxury portable toilet trailers offer all of the amenities typically found in four-star hotel bathrooms.

Offering convenient amenities, guests will have a luxurious and comfortable experience. As an event organizer or party planner, this means no longer dealing with unsightly porta-potties. Luxury restroom trailers provide an elegant option for special events while providing excellent sanitation and convenience. 

Features of a Luxury Restroom Trailer

While the specific amenities you can expect to enjoy when renting luxury toilets vary from one company to the next, you can count on all these luxurious features when renting top-tier portable restrooms from Plummers Disposal. Don’t see something you need? Reach out with any questions about how we can customize a solution.

Flushing Toilets

Not only do luxury portable toilets have modern amenities like a mirror, running water, and luxury soaps and perfumes, but unlike porta potties that require a chemical liquid to minimize odor, luxury toilet trailers use fresh, clean water flush after every single use. This means that no matter who visits, they never have to worry about seeing, ahem, evidence left behind by the last person.


If you’re a bride on your wedding day at an outdoor venue in Grand Rapids, you want to have mirrors in your bathroom, right? Absolutely. At Plummers Disposal, our luxury toilets come with large mirrors and more space, allowing you to freshen up however you like.

Occupied Lights

Luxury portable toilets are a step up from the standard porta potty providing users with additional amenities and features, one of which being unoccupied lights. This is great for any event, so you can easily locate unoccupied restrooms. Not only do unoccupied lights add convenience, but they also bring a touch of elegance to an event toilet trailer.

Outdoor Lighting

These portable restrooms provide convenience and comfort for any outdoor activity. Whether you’re having an outdoor wedding or an outdoor festival, you can rest assured that your guests will have adequate lighting for the event. The best part? Having outdoor lighting often eliminates the need for extra costs for rentals and installations near the restrooms.

Soap & Paper Towels

Not only do portable luxury toilets look great and keep the event space neat, but they also come with soap and paper towels (at least a Plummers Disposal)! It’s nice to have the convenience of having soap and paper towels handy in a portable toilet, just like what you would find in a traditional indoor bathroom. 

Benefits of Luxury Toilets

Aside from the unique amenities offered by luxury portable restrooms, what are the benefits of investing in luxury toilets? As you can see, we’ve mentioned convenience and elegance quite a bit. But here are a few other benefits you can expect to enjoy when renting a luxury restroom trailer.


Luxury restroom trailers come with square footage and larger stalls that provide more space and privacy not found in a porta-potty. Imagine getting ready for a wedding in a spacious, odorless portable luxury toilet. Or, imagine having space for you and your two kids as you help them in the restroom during an outdoor family reunion.

Fresh Water

A luxury restroom trailer with running water takes your special event to the next level. Not only are the facilities modern, but running water ensures the highest levels of cleanliness — just like you’d find in a traditional bathroom.

With fresh water, visitors can wash their hands instead of using hand sanitizer. Plus, no one has to worry about unpleasant odors thanks to complete sanitation capabilities with running water.


Let’s be honest. Nobody likes the sight of an old porta-potty. They’re practical for massive outdoor events. However, for a more intimate gathering in Michigan or a large corporate event, a portable luxury toilet adds a touch of elegance to any event. They come with doors, interior lighting, mirrors, and other amenities that make the experience much more enjoyable.


Finally, the biggest benefit of renting a luxury toilet is access to amenities. Scroll back up if you’ve forgotten what’s included. Practical amenities like soap and paper towels go a long way with a toilet rental. Depending on your needs, you may have items like mirrors or luxurious amenities such as lighting fixtures and high-end countertops. 

Renting Luxury Toilets

Planning an event in Michigan is a major undertaking, and finding the right rentals can be tricky, especially if you’re planning something like a wedding or corporate event. That’s where we come in. We offer luxury toilets and more, ensuring your event goes off without a hitch.

Get a free estimate today. Tell us about your event, including what kind of occasion you’re hosting, how many attendees you expect, and what features best suit your needs. We’ll be happy to work with you to select the perfect rental so that your guests have a great time. 

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