Reasons You Need a Toilet Trailer for Your Event

Aug 22, 2022 | Porta Potty

As the pandemic enters a new phase, the CDC has issued guidelines for small and large gatherings. One of the key considerations for large gatherings is being able to wash your hands often. If you’re hosting a large event this summer, you want all your guests to feel safe and secure. A great way to do this is by providing a toilet trailer. Forget standalone portapotties, a toilet trailer is a little sanctuary to escape to, a place to recharge and sanitize.

Take a closer look at why a toilet trailer is a must-have addition to your summer event.

Provide a Better Experience for Guests

A summer event should be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, not an exercise in bladder control.

You want your guests to be able to use the restroom whenever they need to, without having to endure long lines and gross facilities. A regular outdoor toilet for an event can quickly become an unpleasant environment. Toilet trailers are totally different.

Luxury toilet trailers for events have all the great features you’d expect in a luxury restroom. This includes:

  • Large mirrors
  • Soap and paper towel
  • Flushing toilets
  • Sinks
  • Outdoor lighting for nighttime events
  • Occupied/Unoccupied lights

They also provide separate facilities for men and women. You’ll forget that you’re in a trailer and feel like you’re at your best friend’s house. They provide the perfect place to get ready for an event, even if you’re miles from civilization!

Are you confused about how many restrooms you should provide? Think about the comfort of your guests first. If people are going to be drinking alcohol, it’s wise to bump up the numbers.

When renting event bathrooms, aim for one toilet for every 50 guests. If this is too costly, you can go higher. But the more you provide, the more comfortable the experience for everyone.

Well Ventilated

Portapotties don’t have the greatest reputation when it comes to the way they smell. But toilet trailers are a different story.

They are well ventilated and with regular cleaning, there’s no chance for unpleasant aromas to hang around. They provide a truly luxurious, home-like setting in which to powder your nose and freshen up.

Comply with Local Regulations

There’s a great appeal to getting married or holding an event in the great outdoors in Michigan. But before you can set things up, there are permits to apply for. Many cities and jurisdictions set a minimum number of restrooms that you must provide for guests.

For example, if you plan to hold your wedding in a park in Grand Rapids, you’ll need to apply for a Special Event Permit. This permit requires you to provide details about the number of toilet trailers you’ll provide and where you will site them.

They may also have regulations about how often they should be cleaned and whether service personnel needs to be on hand at all times. Make sure that you work through these regulations. This will ensure you’re fully legal and provide the most comfortable experience for attendees.


You want to protect your guests on several levels.

First, by providing adequate handwashing facilities, you help to protect them against COVID-19. You may want to consider hiring additional handwashing facilities.

With the threat of COVID still present, it’s wise to consider enhanced cleaning protocols. This could include hiring dedicated personnel to keep facilities clean throughout the event. This will also make the experience of using toilet trailers much more comfortable for your guests.

Outdoor lighting also makes toilet trailers for events much safer to use. Many guests may feel uncomfortable after dark accessing facilities that are not well lit. They can be downright creepy and no one wants that feeling when going to the bathroom.

By choosing a toilet trailer rental that features outdoor lighting, you’ll help your guests feel safe and secure.

A Place to Get Ready

A wedding in the park is super romantic. But without a toilet trailer, the bride and groom won’t have anywhere to put those final finishing touches to their appearance.

Toilet trailers are so much more than portapotties. They include excellent lighting and large mirrors. Your guests will appreciate having somewhere to check their hair and attire before proceeding to the event.

Toilet trailers are also large enough for someone to go in with the bride to help her with any last-minute adjustments.

Open Up Venue Options

Without toilet trailers, you might find that venue options for your event are limited. But toilet trailer rental opens up a whole world of possibilities!

You can explore stunning outdoor locations you’d only dreamed of before. There are toilet trailer options available for many different types of locations.

Hire a Toilet Trailer From Plummers Disposal

If you’re planning an event in the Grand Rapids, Byron Center, or Grandville area, you need a luxury toilet trailer. It’s the best way to show your guests that you care about them and want them to have a comfortable experience. When there are great restrooms, your guests can fully focus on enjoying the event without stressing about where to take a comfort break.

At Plummers Disposal Services, we allow you to enjoy the great outdoors in Michigan in comfort and style. Our range of toilet trailers is perfect for backyard weddings, charity fundraisers, and festivals. We have a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from so you’re sure to find your perfect fit.

Call us for a free estimate at 616.261.4344 or contact us online.

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