7 Tips for Finding Affordable Dumpster Rental Services

Oct 12, 2023 | Dumpsters

When you’re working on a remodeling project, where will you put all the debris? For any project where you’ll be dealing with large quantities of trash and cleanup, you’ll need a dumpster that can handle the job. Even more importantly, you’ll want a dumpster service that won’t make the cost of your project escalate.  

Keep reading to learn seven tips for finding affordable dumpster rental services!

1. Determine How Much Space You’ll Need

You can save hundreds of dollars on a dumpster if you’re able to estimate how much waste you’ll produce. With a good estimate, you can avoid paying more for large dumpsters you don’t need.

If you’re prepping for a household move, for instance, you might need enough space to accommodate bulky furniture. Maybe a 15-yard dumpster would be appropriate. For a kitchen remodel, though, you might want to upgrade to a 20-yard dumpster. 

Look at the dumpster sizes available at different services to get a clearer picture of the size differences. And compare rates when both size and time are factored into the equation. You may be able to save money by committing to a shorter timeframe for a popular dumpster size. 

2. Get Multiple Quotes

It’s always wise to get quotes from multiple companies before giving your business to one. In fact, you may be able to leverage an offer from one service to secure a better offer from another one.

Plan on visiting two or three places to size up the options. Don’t be afraid to state your budgetary needs, either. If a place wants your business or it’s the offseason, they may be willing to budge and help you. 

When you visit a dumpster service, ask about their fee structure and how delivery and pickup work. Learn what happens if you need to extend your rental or go beyond your estimated tonnage needs. 

3. Ask About Extra Fees

With home remodeling project spending up by 4%, there’s no question that Americans are eager to update their homes. But renovations can get expensive quickly, so you don’t want your dumpster rental to be part of the problem. 

Before signing a contract, ask about extra fees that may be hidden from view. For instance, you may need to pay a fuel surcharge to help cover costs associated with transporting your dumpster to and from your site. 

Other common fees include environmental charges for disposing of certain types of waste. In places with extreme weather, you could face extra charges if delivery and pickup are more difficult due to torrential downpours or ice.

Sometimes the materials you’re putting in the dumpster can contribute to fees, too. If you exceed the tonnage limit for a type of dumpster, for instance, you might pay more. Or if you’re dumping concrete as part of a cleanup project, you can expect to pay extra.

4. Look at Local Companies

The benefits of dumpster rentals from local companies are clear. For starters, it will be easier to check the company’s inventory and size up its professionalism as a business. 

You’ll also be able to cut down on mileage, which is key to cutting down on costs overall. You might not need to pay extra fuel charges if you live within a certain radius of the dumpster rental service. 

Additionally, you could end up with a better price. Local companies will appreciate your business as they try to establish themselves in the community. As a result, they could be more willing to cut you a deal or offer lower rates in the first place. 

5. Evaluate Communication

When you’re searching for dumpster rental services, don’t overlook the value of good communication. Even the most affordable service should offer clear and prompt communication. If you’ve left voicemails that have gone unreturned, take your business elsewhere.

Likewise, if you’ve gone to the site to check out different types of dumpsters, take note of the customer service. You want to see evidence of attentive service. And you want to see evidence of transparent communication.

Proceed with caution if you’re not able to secure a clear and itemized quote. And if you’re not able to get detailed information about delivery and pickup, take your business to another company. 

6. Check Payment Options

Not all dumpster services use the same methods when it comes to determining prices. Some places will charge a flat fee based on the dumpster’s size and how long you keep it. In these scenarios, you’ll want to be as certain as possible about how much room you need to avoid unused space.

Other services will charge you based on how much of a dumpster you use. The company may have an inventory of dumpsters that are all the same size. When they rent one to you, they’ll weigh it at the end to determine a price. 

Be clear on the payment structure before a dumpster lands on your property. And remember that it never hurts to ask about deals. And it’s always smart to try to negotiate for a better dumpster rental price

7. Read Reviews

Lastly, don’t forget to search for reviews online. Visit a potential company’s website to look for testimonials and an overall sense of professionalism. A reputable company should discuss what’s included in its inventory and provide clear contact information.

Even better, a website should feature testimonials from satisfied customers. Or it should mention other local businesses that have used their services. This is a simple way to show brand credibility, but if you don’t see it, you may want to look elsewhere.

Check reviews using search engines, too. While website testimonials can be helpful, they also can be biased since they’ve been handpicked by the company. Reviews that pop up on search engines tend to be more honest. 

Find Affordable Dumpster Rental Services

With some persistence, you can find affordable dumpster rental services that meet your needs. Look for local companies that go the extra mile with communication and transparency. And hone in on dumpster services with strong reviews and fair prices.

Find the right dumpster for your project. Contact Plummers Disposal today for help!

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