Common Commercial Waste Removal Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

Apr 10, 2023 | Event Planning

By 2025, the global amount of urban solid waste could increase from 1.3 billion to 2.2 billion tons per year. The annual global cost of waste management could increase from $205 billion to $375 billion as a result. 

Neglecting to consider your commercial waste removal needs could lead to unnecessary costs. Instead, take the time to avoid these waste removal mistakes.

Learning how to better dispose of your business waste can help you cut costs, enabling your business to grow. Read on to learn more. 

No Infrastructure

One of the largest waste management problems companies fast is a lack of proper collection and disposal infrastructure. 

Neglecting to consider your collection, transportation, and disposal of waste can lead to environmental issues like illegal dumping and littering. The risk of disease outbreaks increases as debris accumulates as well. As waste accumulates, it attracts pests, further encouraging the spread of disease.

Poor collection and disposal infrastructure can also cause social problems like:

  • Environmental deterioration
  • Public health threads
  • Decreased quality of life

Take the time to consider your current infrastructure. Considering your collection and disposal needs can help you address and avoid these issues. 

Effective waste management ensures waste is removed responsibly and safely. Developing an efficient process can help protect communities from environmental and social consequences. 

If you’re unsure how to develop a more effective infrastructure, turn to an experienced team. Find a business that offers first-class products and world-class services. Commercial dumpster rental, GAP agricultural solutions, or recycling resources can help you develop a better infrastructure and process. 

Missed Pick-Ups

Missed waste pick-ups can affect your employees and customers. If your current waste management company keeps missing pick-ups, make a change. Choose a company that won’t run behind schedule or skip your business.

Sometimes, waste removal companies intentionally miss businesses. They might not feel like traveling to your property. Perhaps they left a portion of the waste behind.

In other cases, waste removal companies can’t access your dumpsters. For example, maybe there was an influx of trash due to the seasonal rush or a holiday. Trash can pile up outside the dumpster.

Waste management companies are sometimes unable to access your dumpsters due to illegal dumping, too. 

If your current waste management company fails to collect your waste on time, consider choosing a different waste alley. A more experienced, dedicated team will help you avoid these issues. 

You won’t have to worry about waste piling up around your commercial property ever again. 

Overage Fees

If waste doesn’t fit in the confines of a dumpster, your waste management company might charge overage fees. Don’t allow trash to spill over the sides of your containers. Instead, hire a new company to ensure proper disposal of all waste.

Otherwise, your waste hauler might continue charging overages. 

If your company is prone to busy seasons, you might receive overages more often. For example, hotels and restaurants often experience increased trash output in the summer. 

The next time you see an overage charge on your bill, contact your waste management company. Ask for photo proof. If they can’t provide evidence, overages shouldn’t appear on your invoice. 

Make sure there aren’t any communication gaps or mistakes with your customer rep, too. Instead, determine exactly what the waste management company is meant to remove from your property.

Poor Technology

Outdated waste management technologies might leave a mess behind after emptying your compactors. Piles of garbage bags and debris could scare away potential clients and customers. If you’ve experienced this problem, consider hiring a new waste management company.

Look for a company that uses up-to-date equipment and technology. 

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping occurs when people who don’t work at your business dump trash into your containers. You can avoid illegal dumping by:

  • Putting dumpsters in corrals
  • Using landscaping to deter dumping
  • Posting private property signs
  • Using security cameras
  • Putting a lock on your containers

Otherwise, you might continue paying overage charges. 

Wrong Container Sizes

If your dumpsters aren’t large enough to hold the trash your business produces each week, consider changing your container sizes. You might need to increase your pick-up frequency as well. Otherwise, you’ll continue paying overages. 

Talk to your waste management company to determine which solution best fits your needs. Otherwise, complete an audit to determine where you can potentially save money.


Of the municipal solid waste produced each year, 94 million tons are recycled and composed. Unfortunately, most of the waste businesses produce is mis-categorgized. Putting the correct trash in the correct container can help you cut costs. 

For example, maybe your employees put normal waste into containers that are meant for more expensive disposal methods. 

Training your employees can help you avoid mis-categorization, which can help you reduce expenses. 

Improper Transport

Construction waste management services often include porta john rents and solid waste disposal. It’s important to ensure proper transportation of construction or hazardous waste. Otherwise, you might receive a fine.

Choosing an experienced and reputable waste removal service to ensure your commercial waste is properly transported. 

Choosing the Cheapest

One of the worst mistakes you can make is choosing the cheapest business waste removal company. Instead, it’s important to choose options based on your unique needs.

For example, perhaps you need to remove hazardous materials. If the containers don’t meet EPA requirements, you’re not choosing a safe option for your team. 

Keeping your employees safe increases workplace productivity and employee satisfaction. You’ll have an easier time retaining employees, which can further increase output.

If your current waste removal services are failing to meet your needs, hire a new business waste management company this year.  

Avoid These Commercial Waste Removal Mistakes

Making these commercial waste removal mistakes can cause an unnecessary expense if you’re not careful. If these problems sound familiar, hire an experienced business waste management company. With help, you can ensure the proper disposal of your commercial waste.

Switching to a new waste management company can help you save money and avoid unnecessary stress.

Want to learn more? We’re here to help.

Contact us today to get started. 

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