5 Ways Porta-Potty Rentals Can Save You Money

Mar 10, 2020 | Porta Potty

Renting a porta-potty for your outdoor events can provide financial benefits for your situation.
Here are some ways that porta-potty rentals can save you money.

Outdoor events are popular in Michigan, and visitor spending averages over $22 billion. 

In fact, they are popular all around the world. If you want to do an outdoor event of your own, there are some things you need to consider. Perhaps the most important component of any outdoor event that you will have to deal with is porta-potty rentals.

While everyone knows the important service that a porta-potty provides, not everyone thinks about the ways they can help. Porta-potty rentals have also come a long way since their early days. They feature sinks for hand washing, and some even have flushing.

The 101 on Porta-Potty Rentals

When people attend an outdoor event, they expect a few things.

One thing they expect is the ability to get or buy water, and another thing they want is enough porta-potties for everyone to use. This makes the inclusion of porta-potties an absolute necessity if you want to have a successful event.

For an event coordinator, it is about more than just guest satisfaction. You want to be able to provide your attendees with all the services they want while still protecting your bottom line. Here are five ways that having good porta-potty rentals can save you money and make your event a full success.

1. Access to Available Areas

Without porta-potty rentals at your event, you will be forced to use a space that features bathrooms. Areas like this include some fairgrounds, stadiums and event centers. If you are forced to use one of these, you are going to spend more money.

With porta-potties, you can go almost anywhere.  You could hold your event in the middle of a field, and as long as you provide what people need, they will come. This means you won’t have to pay a premium price for a developed space to hold your event.

This also frees you up to determine where your event would be best held. If you want to hold it between several towns or cities, no problem. If you want to have it in the wilderness, no problem.

It doesn’t matter where you go, with a porta-potty rental the choice is up to you.

2. Sanitation Services

If you rent your porta-potties from a sanitation company, they will come and clean them up for you as well. This service is included in the price of the rental, so you won’t be paying a hidden charge later on. Having an experienced professional service provide you with porta-potty rentals will take the stress off of you.

In addition to having a clean place to use the bathroom, this also means that your guests will have access to hand washing facilities. This can help limit the spread of germs and illnesses. Even if you don’t have access to running water, you can still equip your porta-potty with hand sanitizer.

You can even step it up a notch and go for a full bathroom trailer. This will make people feel like they are using the bathroom at their house. They are also a lot more private and provide more services, making them excellent choices for any event.

3. Comfortable Event of Guests

For any outdoor event, no matter how long it is supposed to last, having a bathroom around puts people at ease. Even if they don’t expect to need one, having one means that in the worst-case scenario they aren’t forced to leave.

This will make people more comfortable purchasing tickets or staying for the duration of your event. It’s also much easier to bring children along to an outdoor event if there are bathrooms around. Young children often have to use the bathroom every 2 hours or more.

4. Expanded Service and Reach

When you get a porta-potty rental company to help you, you can put porta-potties where you need them. Instead of being chained to one location where a bathroom exists, you can spread them out around your event. This helps you respond to the size of the event, even if it changes.

You are also able to have someone around in case of an emergency. If you’re out in the country somewhere, having a professional to help if you need them could be a lifesaver. This will also enable you to keep your bathrooms clean, and that will mean the world to your guests.

Being able to scale your sanitation needs to the size of your event means you are efficiently spending your budget. Staying within a budget is essential for cost-efficient operation and the financial success of any event.

5. Eco-Friendly Value

Porta-potty rentals use less water than traditional toilets. Many are designed to work with no extra water flow at all. This reduces the amount of sewer treatment and can be marketed as such. People are more conscious of the environment now than ever.

Using products that are bio-degradable will also reduce your trash use. You will need fewer dumpsters and sanitation stations, which will also save you money. The more amenities you can combine into one single unit, the more cost-efficient your operation is going to be.

Another way in which this will help you save money is that you won’t be liable for any contamination. The sanitation company that takes care of your porta-potty rentals will also handle the clean-up. This means that no matter what happens, you won’t have any fees or citations heading your way.

Modern Events Demand Modern Sanitation 

Whatever type of event you’re hosting, from a wedding to a music festival, people want modern convenience. Porta-potty rentals provide that convenience without breaking your bank and forcing you to pay more than you want.

Don’t risk having a sanitation disaster on your hands. Your event will not attract any guests if there are no facilities for them to use. Trapping yourself with highly developed sites will increase the cost of your event. This increase in cost could spell doom for your profits.

Contact Plummers Disposal to have your sanitation needs dealt with in a professional, cost-efficient manner.

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