What is a Luxury Porta Potty and When Would You Use it?

Feb 15, 2021 | Porta Potty

Most people are familiar with regular porta-potties. They are often placed at construction sites or large outdoor events.

But there are many types of events where a standard porta potty wouldn’t be appropriate, but extra toilets are still needed. What can you do instead?

You can rent luxury porta-potties. A luxury porta potty is essentially a complete portable restroom.

When it comes to events that are meant to impress, these are your best option. They function and feel completely different from standard porta-potties.

Now, you can host outdoor events without fear of unsightly toilet facilities. But just what are luxury porta-potties and when is the right occasion to rent them? Keep reading to find out.

First Things First: What are Standard Porta-Potties?

When talking about high-end, luxury porta-potties, it helps to know what standard porta potties are and what they are for. This gives you something to compare against.

A porta-potty, also known as a portaloo, porta-john, and a host of other terms, is a portable toilet. They are small and made completely out of plastic.

Waste is held in the bottom of the unit until cleaned out, which should happen on a regular basis. They typically do not have a sink inside but come with a sanitizer dispenser. Depending on the occasion, there may be portable plastic sinks outside.

They function very well for many outdoor events and activities where aesthetics aren’t necessary.

You see them regularly on construction sites, at large outdoor events such as a race or outdoor festival, and other events where nicer facilities aren’t required.

But when hosting a nicer event, such as a wedding, birthday party, or corporate function, you want toilets for events that don’t feel like construction bathrooms.

This is where the luxury porta potty, or restroom trailer, comes in.

What Is a Luxury Porta Potty?

Luxury portable toilets are also known as restroom trailers. They are large, towable trailers that have been outfitted with a professional, complete restroom inside.

The outside is a professional-looking white trailer with proper doors. Steps lead up into the restroom. Lights inform guests if units are occupied or unoccupied.

The inside of the restroom trailer feels nothing like a porta potty. It’s as if you are in a developed office or hotel rather than a portaloo.

Luxury Porta Potty Features

The interiors include many features such as large mirrors, perfect for events where guests are dressing up. Stainless steel sinks, soap, and paper towels allow for proper washing. Our granite countertops make the restrooms feel luxurious.

One of the biggest benefits of the luxury porta potty is the fact that toilets actually flush. Instead of standard porta potties, where waste collects in the bottom of the toilet, the trailers have actual flushing toilets.  Built-in waste bins keep trash out of sight, allowing for clean units all day long. 

The trailers also come equipped with an HVAC system, allowing the units to be cooled or heated, depending on the season.

Plummers Disposal Restroom Trailer Options

At Plummers Disposal we offer three different portable restroom trailers for different sized events. Our trailers each have between two and four restrooms with designated men’s and women’s rooms.

Reach out to us with an estimated number of attendees and we can recommend the perfect trailer(s) for your event.

Our smallest luxury restroom is the Porta-Lisa. This compact trailer hosts two small, but complete restrooms in a 53-square-foot package. The men’s restroom contains a standard toilet and a urinal.

The Porta-Lisa contains all of the features mentioned above, such as flushing toilets and granite countertops. This unit can serve up to 250 guests.

Our Satelite Spa Bathroom Trailer is a bit larger at 65 square feet. It also contains two individual restrooms, one for men and one for women, and can serve events of up to 250 guests.

The Satelite Spa Trailer is perfect for a wedding or an event where people would need to do makeup or change clothes on location.

And lastly, we offer a 4-restroom trailer. The Cottage Bathroom Trailer can function well at events where more than 250 people are in attendance.

The two restrooms on the outside ends of the trailers are smaller than the 2 in the middle. Each restroom still comes equipped with a flushable toilet, stainless steel sink and mirror.

For large events, the Cottage Bathroom Trailer is your best bet.

When are Luxury Porta-Potties the Better Option

There are many instances where a standard porta potty would be a bad option. But because luxury options are now available, you can still plan outdoor events.


As mentioned earlier, luxury bathroom trailers are perfect for outdoor weddings. Particularly here in Michigan, summer and autumn are perfect for outdoor weddings.

Whether you choose to host your special day at a barn, park in the woods, farm, or even in a backyard, you can have quality bathrooms that will surprise your guests. 

This also gives the wedding party the opportunity to get ready for the ceremony on location, as our bathroom trailers are spacious enough for dressing.


Charity fundraisers are often held out of doors and would be great candidates for restroom trailers. At a fundraiser, your goal is to create a fun, comfortable, and impressive event as you hope to raise enough money for your charity.

As such, renting luxury restrooms will suit your event much more than standard porta-johns.

Corporate Gatherings

Corporate gatherings can also benefit from our trailers as well. When crafting a fun event for your organization, it’s helpful to get your entire team outside together.

Most of your employees only know each other in the confines of an office building. To craft a truly meaningful experience, bring them all outside to celebrate and engage in team building activities.

Renting portable restroom trailers will add the perfect amount of comfort to your day of outdoor activities.

Household Events

And there are many other reasons to go with the luxury option as well. You don’t need to host a large event to benefit from a restroom trailer. Maybe you’re hosting a backyard open house for your graduating teenager.

Keep your home’s bathroom from getting overused by renting a comfortable restroom trailer instead.

No Need to Sacrifice Comfort

In the past, planning an outdoor event has always been a frustrating process knowing that you’d have to rely on nearby, unkempt restrooms or renting the standard porta potty.

But today, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to plan fun, non-traditional outdoor events. The luxury porta potty will impress guests and make the day less stressful for everyone.

Interested in getting quotes for your upcoming event? Fill out this form and we’ll send over all the information you need.

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