Your Guide to Event Planning: How to Upscale Ordinary Experiences

Sep 7, 2021 | Event Planning

It’s time to go above and beyond. 

Do away with ordinary, and stop taking the path of least resistance. The event you’re planning needs to be the event of the year. We know that’s a tall order, but it’s not as difficult as you think. 

Planning an unforgettable event is all about leveling up ordinary experiences for the guests. This will require extra attention to detail and diligence, but it’ll be worth the work. 

We’ll help you out! Below is a quick guide on extraordinary event planning. Keep reading, and get ready to make memories of a lifetime. 

Outline Your Purpose and Goals

You’d think this part would be in every event planning guide, but it’s shocking how many people dive into event planning without knowing the purpose of the event. By outlining the purpose and goals of the event, you’ll have an easier time tailoring experiences to meet the goals. 

Is your event taking place to spread awareness of an upcoming change? Are you celebrating an individual within the community? Does the event tie in with significant cultural or religious dates?

Not only will knowing the purpose help you plan a better event, but a clear purpose also draws in the intended audience. This is especially important for public events!

Schedule Engaging Experiences

We’ve all been to a party that left us yawning in our chairs. Provide engaging experience after engaging experience to keep your guests entertained. 

Audience engagement doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re having a hard time brainstorming, we’ll get the ball rolling with a few ideas. 

Hire a Local DJ 

Music is crucial when it comes to hosting an event. Hire a local DJ that will keep people moving and grooving all evening long. 

If you’ve recently been to a local event and remember liking the music, reach out to the host about who they hired. Contact local clubs and music venues to inquire about their house DJ services. 

Provide a sample playlist so the DJ knows the vibe to create. If it’s a family event, stress the importance of appropriate music. 

Create Photo Opportunities 

In the world of social media, people go crazy for exciting photo opportunities! 

Set up a backdrop with the option to use props and costume pieces for a photo. The backdrop is a perfect opportunity for subtle advertising and promotion if you’re hosting a company event. 

Do you have wiggle room in your budget? Hire actors to dress up and take photos with guests. 

Some venues naturally provide photo opportunities. Take advantage of the scenic sights at your location. Outdoor events are ideal for organic backdrops. 

Host Games and Raffles

Create team-building games if your event is for a manageable number of people. Games are a great way to promote socialization while having fun. 

Establish teams before the event if you’re playing games. This way, guests are prepared. Give them a heads-up by sending out team rosters with your event invitations. 

Are there too many people to play games? Host a raffle instead. Raffles are thrilling and don’t require the participation of every guest. 

Proceeds from the raffle can go towards a local charity or a new project. It’s important to be transparent about where the proceeds are going. 

Don’t Forget the Ordinary Details

Turn your mediocre event into an excellent event by elevating even the most ordinary details. There’s no excuse for cutting corners. 


While every event has bathrooms for guests, not every event provides a high-quality and clean bathroom experience. Invest in luxury portable toilets and bathroom trailers for your guests. 

Have staff check the cleanliness of the bathrooms throughout the event. Guarantee the bathrooms remain stocked with soap, toilet paper, and paper towels. 


Provide comfortable seating and lounge spots for your guests. No one wants to be sitting in a metal chair for hours. 

Invest in chairs with cushions and/or supportive backs. Create lounge areas with couches and coffee tables. Have designated seating areas for individuals with mobility issues. 

If your event is outside, provide covered seating to protect guests from environmental factors. Covered seating spaces are also great opportunities for complimentary fans and misters if it’s warm outside. 

Food and Drink

Eating and drinking are basic human necessities, but that doesn’t mean the food and drink should be basic. Hire only the best caterers and bartenders for your guests. 

Customize the menu for the type of event you’re hosting. For example, provide quick bites and appetizers if you’re hosting a busy public event. Opt for sit-down meals in the case of a private event. 

Do you have a favorite local restaurant? Or a few? Create a local food showcase by asking nearby restaurants to come out and sell food. 

If you’re hosting an event in honor or celebration of someone, ask the bartenders and cooks to create unique dishes named after the special individual. 

Shoot for Seamless

From beginning to end, your event should have a seamless flow. Create this effortless flow by establishing strict time schedules, transitions between entertainment, and detailed floor plans. 

Great ways to increase the effortless feeling of an event are detailed invitations establishing time, place, date, and dress code, clear signage, and informed staff members. Always train volunteers and staff before the big event. 

If a guest has a question, guarantee staff members are accessible to provide answers. Provide special nametags or bright shirts to staff members so they’re able to stand out among the crowd. 

Level Up Your Event Planning

Your big event is only a few months away, and you want to know if it’s going to be good. As long as you follow the above tips and tricks, you’re all set. 

Take your event planning to the next level by providing engaging experiences for your guests, and never forget the so-called ordinary details. Attention to the little details makes a big impact.

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