7 Best Events to Rent a Bathroom Trailer For

Aug 7, 2020 | Luxury Bathroom Trailer

Whether you’re hosting a small concert event, a family gathering, or any other outdoor event, you need to make sure your guests are comfortable. While many people planning parties focus first on food, drinks, and music, you also need to consider bathroom facilities. When your guests need to use the bathroom, you want to ensure they’re comfortable doing so, which is hard to do with a plastic porta-potty. Why not impress them with a luxury portable bathroom trailer?

These portable restrooms look and feel just like traditional bathrooms.

Learn more about the best events for renting a bathroom trailer and discover their many benefits.

1. Weddings

When choosing a venue for your wedding, you have to weigh the pros and cons of indoor vs. outdoor locations. Outdoor venues have many benefits, such as fresh air and beautiful views, but you may have worried about the bathroom facilities.

Maybe there isn’t a convenient restroom close enough for your guests, for instance. If you have a lot of guests attending, you may have worried about long lines at the porta-potty.

Portable bathroom trailers are easier on the eyes, and guests can feel comfortable going in and using them since they look like traditional bathrooms. There’s no need to worry about getting your formal wear dirty in a tiny, cramped bathroom space.

Plus, you can get them in various sizes to accommodate the number of guests you’re entertaining.

2. Family Gatherings

You can host your family reunion anywhere in the world, and some of the best places to do so are outdoors in nature. If you do plan on heading off the beaten path for the event, you’ll want to ensure your family members have somewhere to use the bathroom when the urge hits.

Family reunions also often mean lots of children will be there, and a porta-potty isn’t always the easiest to manage for parents with young kids.

Renting a portable bathroom trailer provides your family with another option.

3. Graduation Parties

Graduating from high school is a major accomplishment in any teenager’s life, and graduation parties are one way to celebrate that. As long as you follow graduation party etiquette and plan well in advance, these parties are likely to be one event your teens will remember forever.

Not everyone wants people walking through their house to use the bathroom, though. And depending on the location of the party, there might not even be a restroom nearby.

You can fix that with a conveniently located portable bathroom trailer.

4. Picnics and Block Parties

Picnics and cookouts are one of the staples of summer. There’s nothing quite like eating outside, listening to music, and enjoying the company of family and friends at the park, the beach, or wherever.

However, much like with other types of parties, you need a place for guests to use the bathroom if there isn’t a public restroom nearby.

If you’re planning on inviting a lot of people or hosting a block party for your community, a bathroom trailer with multiple stalls is a great idea. That way, guests don’t have to leave early or wander off in search of a bathroom in the middle of the event.

5. Concerts

If you’ve ever attended a concert either indoors or outdoors, you’ve probably noticed the long lines for the bathroom. Portable toilets are common at these events, but a porta-potty only has one stall. You can rent a bunch of them, but many people dread using them and may avoid the event altogether if there isn’t another option.

If you’re planning on hosting an outdoor concert but there aren’t any public facilities nearby, renting a bathroom trailer can make the planning process much easier. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, bathroom trailers are much easier for parents with young children to use.

When marketing the event, you can even mention the luxury facilities.

6. Festivals

Fairs and festivals are great fun for the whole family until someone has to use the bathroom. Much like with concerts, there are often long lines for the portable toilets at festivals.

If you’re planning on hosting a summer festival, you’ll have to plan the bathroom situation well in advance.

Since you’re expecting lots of children, you’ll want to consider family-friendly options. It’s easier for parents with young children to help them in a bathroom trailer rather than a smaller porta-potty.

Another of the benefits of bathroom trailers is that they can hold multiple stalls, so you can accommodate more guests at once.

7. Private Parties

If you’re hosting an upscale private party or a work event, you want the bathrooms to match the vibe of your party. After all, you want to give your guests the right impression and keep things professional.

Portable bathroom trailers are a classier alternative to a porta-potty, making them perfect for corporate events. They have flushable toilets and sinks, plus they’re well-lit, making them safer for use at night.

They’re also ideal for fundraisers and outdoor galas. If you’re planning on hosting an upscale event, you should make sure the bathrooms are a good fit for both the event and your guests.

Rent a Bathroom Trailer for Your Next Event

Are you planning a party or a large event soon? If so, you’ll want to offer the right type of bathroom facilities for your guests.

Regardless of the type of event, a bathroom trailer is a super convenient and upscale alternative to other portable toilets. You can place them almost anywhere, and use them for any event.

The ideas we listed here are just a few of the many events that would benefit from a bathroom trailer.

Do you have questions about renting a bathroom trailer? Need to know the correct size to order? Reach out to us with any questions you have, and request a quote to learn more.

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