No Butts About It: Why You Need a Luxury Bathroom Trailer for Your Next Event

Jun 15, 2020 | Porta Potty

Planning an event certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires putting together a lot of intricate details that most people would overlook.

One of those details is how you’re going to provide bathrooms for your guests. If the event is anything over an hour, you want to make sure your guests have a place to relieve themselves.

While many event planners think of the prototypical porta potties that you’d find on a construction site, there are luxury porta potty options as well.

Here are several reasons why you should consider a portable bathroom trailer for your next event.

Flushable Toilets

When’s the last time you had to go “number 2” while attending an event? Have you ever had to use the bathroom at an event, but were too uncomfortable to do so in a porta-potty?

Even though porta-potties are made to handle it, your attendees won’t want to be “that person” and have everyone else deal with the smell.

That’s where porta potty trailers come in handy. Since these are flushable portable toilets, there are no reservations about going to the bathroom. The toilets flush, they have individual stalls, and they look and feel like a normal bathroom. 

You won’t have any special requests to go inside a facility to use public bathrooms thanks to the portable bathroom trailer that you booked.

Matches the Luxury of Your Event

Perhaps you’re organizing an outdoor gala or a ground-breaking ceremony for a new building that calls for a more upscale feel. You want to impress everyone that arrives at the event you’ve organized.

Nothing will turn them off faster than having to use a porta-potty that they’re used to seeing on construction sites. You want them to feel as if every detail of your event, even the bathrooms, matches the luxurious vibe you’ve got going on.

Trailer porta-potties are simplistic, yet give off classy vibes with their stainless steel sinks, LED lighting, flushing toilets, and even music through the radio. Guests will feel comfortable rather than embarrassed or uneasy.

As silly as it sounds, the luxury of the portable bathroom trailer will impress them. It will show that you care so much about your guests, that you went so far as to book a designated men and women’s portable bathrooms for their comfort.

Reduces Bathroom Lines

Okay, so your event starts around 6 o’clock, which means you start serving drinks as soon as your guests arrive. Then around 7:30 or 8 o’clock, every single guest now has to use the bathroom at the same time.

They’re either forced to wait in line for the next available porta-potty (which is a bad look for your event) or hold off until the line goes down. Doing the latter can make your guests uncomfortable.

Portable bathroom trailers have several different stalls and designated sides for men and women. If you have a large event, you can book several bathroom trailers and place them all side by side, giving the impression of no line at all.

Higher Capacity

As previously mentioned, a portable bathroom trailer holds several stalls within both the men and women’s designated bathrooms. 

That means it can hold three times as many of your attendees at once. If you’re expecting a lot of guests, then the portable bathroom is a clear choice. It can accommodate more of your guests at any given time during the event.

More importantly, it can fit a larger number of attendees more comfortably. Your guests will remain happy and can get back to the event within a few minutes!

Family-Friendly Option

Porta potties can be especially hard on the guests that are trying to take their children to the bathroom. If you’re expecting a lot of guests with children, then a portable bathroom can be their saving grace!

It’s much easier for them to take their children into the bathroom and sit them down in the stall to use the restroom. 

Without a portable bathroom, many of your guests might end up leaving earlier than you were hoping for because their child had to use the bathroom. It can also help those with babies to have a changing station for infants and toddlers.

Running Water

While porta-potties offer hand sanitizer inside, your guests might feel more comfortable with a sink to wash their hands at. This offers them an option to thoroughly clean their hands before eating or drinking at the event.

That option is only available with a portable bathroom trailer, which offers running water for you and all your guests. Many have sinks that are motion-activated so that it reduces the amount of water used.

While it might seem simple, the running water will help everyone feel more comfortable about attending your event. It helps reduce the number of germs that are spread from person to person and lets everyone have more peace of mind.

An additional benefit is that the bathroom trailer has electricity that’s provided by a generator or outlet. Keeping your guests nice and cool while they use the facilities.

Find a Luxury Porta Potty or Luxury Bathroom Trailer for Your Event

Now that you understand the benefits of a luxury porta potty and portable bathroom trailer, it’s time to find the right provider.

Before your event, be sure to read this article for more information on how porta-potty rentals can help you save money.

For inquiries about renting a bathroom trailer, please fill out this form to request a quote and we’ll be happy to assist you further!

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