What a Relief! Sanitation Solutions for Events That Are Easy Peasy

Sep 18, 2020 | Sanitation

Are you planning some important events? As the world opens back up after being hit with a virus, you want to make sure people feel safe attending your events.

Providing sanitation solutions for everyone can help guests find relief and enjoy themselves at your next big occasion. Here are some essential solutions to make your job easy and your guests comfortable.

Hand-Washing Stations

Renting hand-washing stations for your event is even more prevalent during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Both the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control recommend frequent hand washing to contain the spread of germs. In fact, the CDC says washing hands is a much better option than using hand sanitizer.

After they use a porta-potty, guests will appreciate the presence of a hand-washing station for hygiene. This type of sanitation solution is also safer for attendees than sanitizer, although both should be available for guests to use.

Make sure that each station has signs that show how to wash hands. While many people think they know what to do, they don’t always follow directions.

The length of washing time matters. Special instruction signs should include the recommended 20 seconds of washing time.

According to the CDC, regular soap works to fight germs. However, you can feature soap with antibacterial properties to help guests feel safer.

Bathroom Trailers

If your event is more upscale, you may want to rent a bathroom trailer, rather than a porta-potty. Weddings, anniversary parties, fundraisers, and other more formal occasions mean that guests are dressed up.

They’re less likely to want to go anywhere other than a bathroom. Bathroom trailers offer that luxury feel with portability that makes your event easier.

As events get rescheduled from 2020 and people are ready to attend in person again, sanitation solutions will become even more important than they were already. Stock a portable bathroom with nice perks and toiletries for your guests to help them feel comfortable.

Here are some ideas for what to include in a bathroom basket:

  • Hand lotion
  • Feminine products
  • Breath mints or gum
  • Sewing kits
  • Tylenol or Advil

These types of stations make it easier for guests to social distance, too. Normally you would have to ask them to limit the number of people inside, but these are one-stall rooms. Guests can use any open stall without risking close contact with other people.

Each stall includes a sink for handwashing, large mirrors, and stainless steel sinks. They also include CD/iPod radio capabilities, so you can keep the wedding mood for your guests even when they’re away from the festivities for a few minutes.

Sanitation Solutions: Porta Potties

Some state laws require a certain number of bathroom facilities per number of people. Porta potties are great sanitation solutions for this requirement because they are fast to set up and remove.

You can arrange them however works best for your event. Put a bank of them all together in several places or scattered throughout the grounds or event area.


Porta potties are versatile. You can put them anywhere with a flat surface. That means they will work for most outdoor spaces, including parks, fairgrounds, tracks and sports fields, and outdoor markets.

Each porta potty only takes up a small amount of square footage, so you have lots of room left over for other features of the event. You don’t have to rearrange plans to fit in a large trailer or tent when you only have a few potties to include.

Better for Large Groups

Porta potties work well for large groups because they provide service for all types of people. Rent handicapped porta-potties or regular stalls to provide sanitation services for all your guests.

They aren’t gender-specific, which means you don’t have long lines waiting for the women’s restroom and no one going in the men’s. They’re large enough that parents can accompany small children to help them if they can’t use the facility alone.

These are ideal for large events. The more people you need to serve, the more potties you rent. It’s not hard to add a few to your rental if you have more RSVPs than you though.

Rentals Are Excellent for Temporary Needs

Have you ever had a family reunion or large gathering at your home? Did you realize you probably don’t have enough bathroom facilities to take care of them all? If so, it’s possible someone in the household decided they needed to add a bathroom or relocate the event.

While new construction and extra bathrooms in a home are always a good idea, it’s not necessary. The hassle of relocating to another venue after you already started planning isn’t worth it, either.

Porta potties are the ideal solution for temporary needs. Rent it and give it back at the end of the event, rather than installing a more permanent sanitation solution.

It’s easy to rent a porta-potty. Here’s how to do it without a lot of stress. Mention a porta potty rental to your family for your next event, and you may be surprised at how well they like the idea.

Comfort and Relief

Providing sanitation solutions for your event has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for a hand-washing station, a bathroom trailer, or porta-potties, your guests will appreciate the comfort and relief that these options offer them.

Help guests mitigate the spread of germs and enjoy themselves with bathroom services. Check out more about renting porta potties for events on our website!

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